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Thread: 35 Sqn FE - 566793 DJ Park DFM RAF

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    Default 35 Sqn FE - 566793 DJ Park DFM RAF

    Dear all,

    I am looking to identify the wanderings of the above named NCO during his time on 35 Sqn in 1942. I know he was the flight engineer on the crew of Sergeant Nicholas Joseph Matich RNZAF (later Flight Lieutenant DSO DFM), and that he joined the unit at some point in approx. July 1942. I know he flew a number of operational sorties on the squadron and that he subsequently joined 156 Sqn at Warboys on 12/6/43. I am presuming that he completed his tour on 35 and then moved on to pastures new, before going to 156, but without the ORB I can't tie this down. Can anyone assist please?

    Douglas Park had a most interesting RAF career, losing his leg in a pre-war motorcycle accident, but still managing to re-muster as aircrew. I have his citation for the DFM and the relevant LG career announcements. He retired as a Sqn Ldr in the Secretarial Branch in 1966. His medals were recently sold in the UK.

    Very many thanks in advance

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