I am seeking some details, in particular more precise dates, for some of this man's postings, and hope forumites may be able to assist:

  1. He was posted to HQ 12 Grp on 22 Apr 1940, and then to RAF Cairo in 1941, but I am not sure in what capacity and on what date he took up the post.
  2. He became Deputy Director in the Directorate of Admin Plans with the Air Ministry in London on 3 Sep 1943, which post he held until at least July 1945, and possibly beyond as I next find him posted to RAF Malaya in 1947. Once again, I have no information on the capacity or exact date
  3. He was posted to RAF Changi in 1948 and remained there until ca June 1950, but I would like to know exact dates and his position while there
  4. Following a posting to RAF Scampton, he was posted to HQ Bomber Cmd in May 1953, where he remained until Dec 1955, but can anyone provide exact dates, please?
  5. He was next appointed Air Attaché in Cairo, which post he held Jan to Dec 1956, but exact dates would be appreciated (the answer may be complicated by the fact that he was interned during the Suez Crisis)
  6. Following his retirement at the end of Dec 1957, he joined the Colonial Service and was posted to Nigeria, 1958-67. Does anyone know how/where I can find more detail on dates and his role(s) there?

Any assistance on the above questions would be appreciated