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    Default 07202 Gp Capt Anthony LEACH MC

    This officer served in both World Wars, and was awarded an MC in the first and a MiD in the second. I have a few questions concerning gaps I have in his career:

    1. Where did he undertake his flying training (he was an Observer until Oct 1918)?
    2. Where was he posted Apr 1918-May 1919? He was WIA on 1 Apr 18 & evac to UK, and posted to EWS on 25 May 19, but where was he in the intervening 13 months?
    3. Where was he posted Apr 1940-Feb 1943? He was OC 90 Sqn, 13 Feb 39-4 Apr 40, and OC 34 OTU, Pennfield Ridge, Canada, 6 Feb 43-19 May 44. Anecdotal evidence suggests he was with at least one training unit during the intervening perios, but I don't know which one(s).
    4. Where was he posted May 1944-Jun 1946? As indicated in the previous point, he was with 34 OTU until 19 May 1944, and I next have him retiring from the RAF on 9 Jun 1946, but where was he in the intervening two years?

    Any assistance with the above questions would be appreciated, please.

    41 (F) Squadron RAF at War and Peace, April 1916-March 1946

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    IF you were receive answer to your questions about G/C Leach I would love to know as well.


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    The following is known:

    LEACH, Anthony.

    Born on 25 August 1896, he was a volunteer in the West Indian Local Forces, before being gazetted Second Lieutenant to the British West India Regiment, on 30 March 1917, Seconded to the RFC on 1 February 1918, he trained as an Observer and was, in the following month, sent out as a Probationary to 57 Squadron (DH4s). On 27 March, Leach and his pilot, Lieutenant Powell, in DH4, 'A2155', narrowly escaped disaster when their machine was hit by ant-aircraft fire over Bapaume. Just five days later on 1 April 1918, the day the RAF came into being, Leach was wounded in the air and awarded the MC for his gallantry on that occasion London Gazette of 26 July 1918: 'For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. As an Observer, whilst engaged on photographic work, he was attacked by five hostile tri-planes, After he had fired a burst of 30 rounds at a range of 100 yards, one of the enemy planes went down in flames. Though the remaining hostile planes were reinforced by another ten machines, and though himself was wounded, he fired a drum at a range of 150 yards, which resulted in another of the enemy machines rolling over on its side and falling to pieces. By skill and coolness he undoubtedly saved his pilot and the machine'.

    Leach stayed in the RAF after the war. He served throughout the Second World War, attaining the rank of T/Group Captain on 1 March 1941, before finally retiring as a Wing commander, with the honorary rank of Group Captain, on 9 June 1946.

    The Military Cross to Flying Personnel of Great Britain and the Empire 1914-1919 with Service and Biographical details of Recipients.
    Giblin,Hal & Norman Franks.
    London:Savannah Publications,2008.


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