One of my subjects, Cpl S J Clark, crossed the English Channel to join Main HQ 84 Group at Amblie, just northwest of Caen, on 15 August 1944. It is believed he remained with the unit as it worked its way eastward across north France and into Belgium. He was killed when a V2 impacted on Duerne airfield (No 19 Staging Post) where he was based, on 3 December 1944.

His Service Record is not easy to follow during this period of Clark's life, but the last entry which makes any sense is 91 FS Post. to which he was posted on 9 October 1944.

I'd very much like to determine the location of 91 FS Post, and wonder if someone could help?

I appreciate this was a very confused period in respect of service records and that not all movements were notified, let alone recorded.