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    Default KG668 Dakota III

    We are restoring KG668 to fly her from the US through Canada back to the UK for the 75 anniversary of DDay. Part of our preparation is to gather as much accurate historical data on the plane to share with visitors (and hopefully generations to come).

    I have researched mission records through the National Archives and there are some gaps in KG668's service record. Perhaps those of you much more knowledgeable and capable woud please chime in on some details about our airplane, and perhaps some operational details how planes were dispersed and allotted, if exact details are lost to the years.

    KG668 was fresh out of the factory and made it to Montreal on DDay. She finally making landfall in the UK on 13 June, 1944. I cannot find any record of her flying for the RAF until the end of August, 1944. What would have been her disposition before she began flying for XXIV Squadron at Hendon? Was there a staging ground prior to DAKs being dispersed amoungst various squadrons? Not enough pilots? Too much saturation of operations following the Normandy Invasion? What might have been her status those two months in the summer of 1944?

    The last 24 Squadron entry I can find for "668" is 3-4 May, 1945. From there, records jump to one entry with RCAF Squadron 435 on 7 September, 1945 when she launched to return with a 5th wave of 3 Daks from Imphal, Maripur to Hendon. (thank you Chris!) I have not been able to find out when or how 668 was transferred from RAF 24 to RCAF 435, nor how she ended up in Imphal. There is quite a large service gap I have not been able to uncover. If anyone can shed light on this void, we would be most appreciative.

    The mission records for RCAF 435 perhaps use a different nomenclature for listing aircraft? It was indicated to me that 668 was designated aircraft unit "S". is it possible that the RCAF mission records from India have the aircraft numbered differently that the RAF records, and that the suffix "S" would indicate our aircraft? I find it interesting that CP Kenworthy flew KG668 back from Imphal, and is listed several times as flying aircraft on missions for Sqn 435. Is it possible that they listed 668 as 950S? Of course I may be totally off base here, but was there a renumbering in India and what would that correlation (if any, if I'm not nuts) be with any registrations or serial numbers?

    After the war ended, KG668 becomes part of 436 Squadron and flies out of Down Ampney, making many humanitarian trips back and forth around northern Europe. Then summer 1946 returns to Canada where she served until the 1970s.

    We are ecstatic to have details on the daily life of our Dakota during and after the war. We are looking forward to bringing her back to the UK and France (and perhaps Germany) next summer with Daks Over Normandy. We feel priviledged and proud to share this historical aircraft with everyone. Thank you for any and all help in gathering data.

    Matt Throckmorton
    copilot, N472AF - Dakota KG668
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    Default Re: KG668 Dakota III


    A bit late on this post. But, a Dakota '668' was used to pick up a 195 Squadron crew from Juvincourt in December 1944. Sorry not much I'm afraid.

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