In April 1945, near the village where I have a house, crashed the British Spitfire fighter. The local people can say that the pilot was dead when they came to the plane, so they buried him at the village cemetery, but no one knew who was by name because at that time nobody check this. There was no priest in the place because he escaped for fear of German soldiers. After then Yugoslav Army, which was heading towards Trieste, where they met the 8th British Army, was informed of the event.

A few years later, British soldiers arrived from Trieste and excavated the body and transported it to unknown places. After the event, the airplanes were also loaded onto animal tracton wagon and taken away to unknown place.

I heard about the event from an older countryman, and then I wanted to find out who was a pilot, so I started to research almost a year ago with interviews the still living villagers from that period.

In some local documents, I saw the date on April 29, but I did not find the name, so I contacted the Royal Air Force Museum, from which I was informed a few days ago of the information from the book "249 at war". Finally, I found out that pilot was the Sgt EDMUND RAMSBOTHAM, and the aircraft was Spitfire MH980.

I asked the villager, who told me about the fallen pilot to show me the place where the plane fell, and he also described me about the event he personally saw.

When I was researching, I realized that Edmond was son of Edmund and Annie Ramsbotham, from Shiremoor, Northumberland.

If any surviving relatives were interested in the place where the plane fell, they can contact me by e-mail:

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