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Thread: F/O Charles Arthur Pritchard DFC 600 Sqn

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    Default F/O Charles Arthur Pritchard DFC 600 Sqn

    According to 'Men of the Battle of Britain', F/O C A Pritchard DFC piloted one of the six Blenheims of 600 Sqn that participated in the daylight attack on Waalhaven airfield on 10 May 1940. According to the website 'Traces of War' ( he was shot down during an attack on Rotterdam airfield the same day, evaded capture and returned to England. However, this website 'GotoWar2 NL' ( does not list Pritchard as one of the pilots of the six 'B' Flight Blenheims of 600 Sqn participating in the Waalhaven raid.

    Did Pritchard participate in the 600 Sqn raid on Waalhaven?

    I would appreciate clarification.


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    According to the well-kept 600 Squadron Operational Record Book for this date Pritchard was not on the Waalhaven mission. However he flew two patrols later that day and three non-operational flights on May 11th.


    Martin Gleeson.

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    Many thanks. Clarifies perfectly.


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