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    In February 1942 or 1943 I was one of the early arrivals at the crash site of a what I recall was a Halifax 2 (could be wrong but I think it was Merlin-powered) at Bwlchyffridd, Montgomeryshire. It was near my home and I still recall the circumstances quite clearly. It was a Sunday afternoon at ariound 2.15 p.m. and the weather was thundery with a very low cloudbase. I seem to recall subsequently reading somewhere that the aircraft was from an OTU in Rutland.

    Can anyone enlighten me on the details of this tragic event?

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    You may be interested to go to website

    and scroll down (just a little...) to the post that starts with "Andy from Flint".

    I believe this is the crash you're looking for. Do note that it was in 1944.

    Halifax DG358, 1677 HCU, 23.1.44, 9 crew killed.



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