During the Phoney War period it is my understanding that land targets in Germany were not allowed to be attacked but am not 100% clear on what targets were allowed. I presume anything at sea or in port but what about rivers and canals?

The reason for this question is that my research on ranges has revealed that a number of large ship targets were laid out on ranges during this time at Berners Heath, Rushford, Whittlesey, possibly Misson but this one is unconfirmed. They were designed to train bomber units that hadn't already specialised in capital ship bombing. The target at Berners Heath, which is still visible today, was described as a battleship target.

Keeping with the same theme at least two dummy submarine targets were set up on new bombing ranges, one at Ingham and the other at Dunholme, the latter seemed to have been christened U-49. Now both sites became scatter airfields and eventually full airfields but the use of the targets was quite heavy in the spring of 1940. (ORBs for 49, 61 and 144)

Lastly, if canals were legitimate targets at this time, it seems likely that suitable targets were also set up. At least one canal target was set up at Foxcote (Foscott) and I think another was at Coombe Hill but this is unconfirmed.

Has anyone come across any ship or submarine targets at other locations?