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Thread: Ex-Hurricane Pilot who became a Met Supervisor

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    Default Ex-Hurricane Pilot who became a Met Supervisor

    Hello All,

    This is a very, very, long shot indeed! But one never knows one's luck!

    I have been given the name of a guy who was “a Hurricane pilot” in WW2. It is “Doug Web”. Now I have to assume that this should be, in fact, “Douglas Webb” (shortened form of forename, and typo for surname). The existence – or not – of any other forenames is not known. He must have remained a non-Officer as he is known to have been, after his military service, a Senior Scientific Assistant (SSA) in the Met Office. In terms of RAF equivalent ranks a newly promoted SSA would be a Sgt, whilst an SSA with many years experience would be a Warrant Officer.

    I would be most grateful if anybody – using those tiny snippets of information – can bring him to reality!!

    Peter Davies
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