During my searching after W. J. Hutchinson DFM, AFM


I found James William Hutchinson DFM, 51 Squadron, a fictitious character from the book Course for Home.


One of the authors of the book is William Matthew Jamieson, DFM


I was interested to learn more about him.

975064 William Matthew Jamieson received his DFM 21/11/1941.

He was commissioned 23/06/1944, but no DFM behind his name.


He became F/O 23/12/1944. No DFM again.


It is strange that his name is mentioned in the LG three times but DFM only once…

I checked all recipients of DFM that day – 21/11/1941.


Thirty one of them were commissioned. Nine names are without the DFM…

(I do not list all omissions during their career.)

Commissioned: Last entry in the JG: Note:

M. J. Archer-Crump DFM (48959) F/L DFM (war subs.)
D. P. D. Archer DFM (135430) S/L DFC DFM (Bar to DFC)
M. B. Berndsson --- (118093) F/L DFC, DFM
T. J. Daniels, DFM (51890) F/L DFM (war subs.)
S. R. Dawson, DFM (142531) A/F/L DFC, DFM
A. C. H. Dennis, DFM (117993) F/L DFC, DFM
H. Dobbs, DFM (122817) F/L DFC, DFM
E. C. Duke, DFM (118147) A/F/L DFM
K. W. Dunlop, DFM (137278) F/O AFC, DFM
C. J. Farmery, DFM (128687) F/O DFM (war subs.)
L. Fish, DFM (130934) F/L DFC, DFM
D. N. Grainger --- (113860) F/L DFC, DFM
C. H. Haywood, DFM (51041) F/L DFM
A. D. Heard, DFM (172746) F/L DFM (war subs.)
J. A. Hodgkinson --- (112735) F/L DFM
W. M. Jamieson --- (179338) F/O ------- (war subs.)
L. G. Lewis, DFM (115288) F/L DFM (war subs.)
W. F. McMaster --- (115658) F/O DFM (war subs.)
H. Mason, DFM (130794) F/O DFM (war subs.)
T. A. Matthews --- (47309) P/O DFM (prob.)
R. E. Moore, DFM (52074) P/O DFM (prob.)
R. T. Padden --- (176113) F/L DFC, DFM
F. E. Rymills --- (115338) S/L DFC DFM
L. F. Sandford --- (54521) F/L DFM (war subs.)
S. J. Short, DFM (130726) F/L DFM (war subs.)
A. R. Simmons, DFM (145431) F/L DFM (war subs.)
D. N. Smith, DFM (135269) F/L DFC, DFM
K. J. Stanford (?) N.Z.401293 S/L DFM (59502) RNZAF/RAF
F. C. Webb, DFM (115151) F/O DFM (war subs.)
J. Williams, DFM (174159) F/O DFM (war subs.)
V. E. Woolnough, DFM (48586) P/O DFM (prob.)

DFMs are sometimes forgotten – sometimes not. Is it alright?