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Thread: Getting a DSO in 1941

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    Default Getting a DSO in 1941

    I am looking for an account of what it was like to get a DSO awarded in the RAF in 1941, i.e., the experience at Buckingham Palace, the rooms in which the award was made, descriptions of the award ceremony. Were the medals always awarded by the King in Buckingham Palace or were they sometimes awarded by others in other locations? If so, please describe those ceremonies. Thanks for considering.

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    There is a brief description of Baveystock receiving his DFM from the King at the Palace in "Wavetops at My Wingtips". The only thing it doesn't describe is that usual order of investiture is according to order of precedence. If a VC or GC is being awarded it will be first award presented. Then knighthoods, etc etc, down the line. And no, in deals were not always presented by the King. Some were presented in the field, and some were even sent in the post.

    If you don't have a copy of Wavetops I'll try to post the two pages later.

    Btw seems we are neighbours. I relocated to WA from the UK four years ago. I live in Mount Vernon.

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