Excited to learn that Maxwell Frederick Hendry, whose name is on the Runnymede Roll of Honour, has a nephew! See my copy & paste of Michael Hendry's post here last year... I have a lovely photo of Maxwell Frederick Hendry, because he was my mother's first husband. I'm hopeless at forums like this but would love to contact Michael Hendry, please.

Michael Hendry said: 16th May 2017 13:07

My late uncle (Maxwell Frederick Hendry) took a number of photographs of the wreckage of this plane. I have eight prints and negatives for seven of them, and also have a cutting from an unidentified newspaper headed "R.A.F. Plane Crash at Beccles" with a subheading "Overturned in Landing".

Among a number of personal images in his photo albums are a number of photographs of aircraft at Ternhill 10 FTS, Wyton, Uxbridge, Hamble and Bircham Newton. There are also a couple of other photos of crashes, one ascribed to P/O Doug Perry who is also pictured sitting on the ground in front of several Blenheims with S/Ldr Brooks, P/O Maguire, F/O Kitley and P/O Maude.

The family had kept various memorabilia relating to my uncle, and I started going through these last summer as part of a decluttering exercise (which soon stalled!). All the family knew about Mick's death is that he'd been lost in action in the Channel on 24 September 1940 while flying Blenheim T1794. I started Googling for more information last year, and found that he hadn't been shot down by one of the mine-sweepers he was attacking, but by a German flying ace.

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eberhard_von_Boremski

I suspect that my own children will not be interested in these items when they inherit them in their turn, and would like to ensure they go to a good home.