On a recent visit to the Memorial Room at Linton-On-Ouse, I came across a photograph of a stained glass window, which included a 35 Squadron badge and a small aircraft.

I started doing some research on the window and, to date, my research has identified the following:

This stained glass window is in the Parish Church of Saint John the Evangelist, St Johns Road, Blindley Heath, Tandridge, Surrey.

It was paid for by WE Jupp (Billy) to commemorate his father, who was in the choir at the church for 60 years.

The window depicts Christ sowing seeds, with a No. 35 Squadron badge in the bottom right hand corner and a very small aircraft (with a vapour trail) in the top left hand corner.

According to the Imperial War Museum archives, “the aircraft supposedly represents the aircraft of the late Group Captain Cheshire VC, whose aircraft Billy serviced”.

I am now trying to find out WE Jupp's trade and whether he appears in the often seen photograph of Leonard Cheshire with his crew and ground crew. Can anyone assist?

A photograph of the window is on my site at: https://35squadron.wordpress.com/201...dridge-surrey/