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Thread: FS William Ronald Andrew - 9 Sqn - RAAF - KIA 13 Aug 44

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    Default FS William Ronald Andrew - 9 Sqn - RAAF - KIA 13 Aug 44

    My partners Grandfather was killed in Normandy in Jul 44, and is buried at the lovely Hottot Les Bagues cemetary just outside Caumont. When I last visited, being ex RAF myself, I paid my respects to the 7 aircrew laid at rest there.

    On my return I attempted to trace their squadrons and the missions they were on when they were lost. One of them, however, has stayed in my mind due to its circumstances and I wonder if the members of this forum may be able to assist.

    FS William Ronald Andrew RAAF (Service No 24647)
    Air Gunner
    9 Sqn
    KIA 13 Aug 1944

    Bomber Command Losses stated that his aircraft, a Lancaster Mk 1, ME 757 Code WS-O from RAF Bardney was lost on a mission to Brest where it crashed at Plougastel-Daoulas (Finistere) The remaining 6 crew are buried at the communal cemetary near the site. These are:

    Pilot: Flt Lt E H M Relton - RAFVR
    Flt Eng: Sgt F W Johnson - RAFVR
    ? : FS C H Edwards - RAAF
    Air Gnr: FS D W McConville - RAAF
    WOp/Ag: FS CT Scott - RAAF
    ? :FS J K Scott - RAAF

    It further stated that he, named incorrectly as Andrews, may have evaded capture, obviously he didnt sadly. The crash site of the aircraft is a fair distance from Normandy so the distance between the two is a major factor.

    My question, is did he survive the bail out, or was he captured or murdered by the enemy? I have ordered his service records from Australian National archives perhaps they may have some insight.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome.


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    I see F/S William Ronald Andrew 24647 RAAF has had his file digitalized on the Australian National Archives.
    It is 107 pages.


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    Hi Wayne,
    Thanks for that, I have seen FS Cyril Thomas record, as well. I still dont understand why FS Andrew would have bailed out over Normandy, almost certainly on the outward leg of the mission. perhaps he was injured...

    I believe that this aircraft was the only A/C lost on this mission. So I suspect other A/C on 9 Sqn may have seen it go down.

    Would anyone know where I could start to confirm this?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I have today recieved confirmation on the reason for this case of FS Andrew being interred in Normandy,so can consider case closed. I will publish an account when I have collated the full information.

    Thank you to all for your help in this matter.

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