Hello All:

The British Columbia Aviation Museum has completed a listing of the approximately 180 airmen killed, through whatever circumstances, while serving at Patricia Bay, BC, during the Second World War. A Lost Airmen of the Empire memorial has since been created and the Museum is now compiling biographies for each of those lost.

They are short on information for the following airmen and would appreciate any details regarding:

- a photo
- occupation before service
- date of arrival in Canada
- any training in Canada prior to arriving at Patricia Bay

Any additional information would be welcome too. The circumstances of their losses are known.

32 OTU
ALLCORN, Ronald Frank 1318169
BIRCH, Harold Charles 1582821
BOWLER, Kenneth John 1315079
DISHMAN, William Ronald 154274
FEAR, Alec William Vernum 1268737
FEARNLEY, James French 999804
GOULD, Gordon Hugh 151720
HORNBROOK, Peter Francis 1586682
HUARD, Kenneth Charles 1313268
LIGHT, Maurice 1142888
MacHELL, Edward Bousfield 164428
MAUN, Robert Alfred 1336919
MERRICK, Harry 129346
ORRELL, John 1232301
SHAW, Kenneth 152316
STILLWELL, Stanley Howard 1268426
SUGDEN, Charles 151391
TALBOT, James Melville 163513
THORN, Henry James 315905
WARNER, Alan Leonard 151705
WATSON, Ronald Frederick 1604441

GORDON, Ernest 985480
MORSE, Gordon 173787

Thanks in advance: