Hello to all

All the following airmen are listed as missing the 09/10/1942
Can you give me information on their unit and their fate ? Not sure itís in flight nor in the same circumstances
Many thanks in advance

S/Ldr Champ Sidney George (MIA)
Sgt Ware Reginald Stanley (MIA)657715
W/O Mott Stanley James (MIA)358868
Sgt Smith John Neville (MIA)1232048
Sgt Kirkham Jack (MIA)551145
Sgt Partington Stanley Frederick (MIA)987546
Sgt Dymond Derek Michael (MIA)1320309
Cpl Finch John Thomas (MIA) 547729
Cpl Harrow James Murray (MIA)549521
Cpl Burgess Ebenezer (MIA)538972