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Thread: Attestation documants

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    Hello Brian,

    As for the CWGC, they contacted the next of kin using addresses given by the RAF / MoD etc,,, but even if they had an address, and the next of kin didn't answer to the form asking the text for the epitaph, they would give no family détails in the registers. An answer from the next of kin with the text for the epitaph enabled the CWGC to use these scarce détails (son of M. and Mrs X, of Y town)

    Indeed it's a pity that the service files of RAF members were purged to make room. Some French military archives suffer the same rules.


    Quote Originally Posted by Lyffe View Post
    That approach is fine provided one can trace surviving family, Pavel, but what really prompted my query was receiving two service records on the same day. One, obtained with a nephew's permission, was complete, giving next of kin, description of the person (height/colour of hair & eyes/scars/previous occupation) - very basic advice but useful in helping construct a story. The other, for a Palestinian/Israeli WAAF for whom there are no surviving relatives or photographs, lacked that information which, in this case is crucial to her story. What is so illogical is that the next of kin and their address is published by the CWGC so we have two organisations using the same information, but adopting different rules.

    OK folks, I appreciate we've grumbled about this several times over the years, but I had the (very) faint hope that if the attestation document was filed separately that would be a way around the problem. Put my grumbles down to pure frustration.


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    Unlike the British authorities, those of Australia, Canada and New Zealand better appreciate the full significance of the meaning of the words 'We will remember them'.


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