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    Hi, very new on here so if I'm in the forum I apologise. I recently discovered my Grandfather whom I never knew, served in the RAF during WW2. I have just received his service record and it has thrown up more questions than answers to be honest. He seems to have been attached to a few different squadrons, 921, 959, 953 & 966. Am I correct in thinking these were balloon squadrons? or were they also regular squadrons. I ask because during my very limited research so far that these were manned by the auxiliary airforce. He was also attached to Q58 or Q68 (can't quite make it out). I have read these were decoy airfields, is there a definitive list of where Q58 was? His service number was 647812. The quality on the records was a little disappointing with large amounts virtually illegible. Any info or pointing in the right direction would be hugely appreciated.

    edit - I've just seen the sticky thread for service records, maybe a moderator can move. Apologies
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    Hi Jack,

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    You are right - all of them were balloon squadrons and you can find some more information about the Balloon Command for example here: You are also correct with the Q-sites but unfortunately I am not able to give you exact location.

    If you would have any additional questions regarding deciphering the record, please feel free to continue with your particular questions sticky thread for service records. I would strongly recommend to upload pictures to our gallery to allow members to see the record and help you.

    Czechoslovak Airmen in the RAF 1940-1945

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