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Thread: SGT ARTHUR HENDLEY - Raf lancaster rear gunner

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    Default SGT ARTHUR HENDLEY - Raf lancaster rear gunner

    I'm trying to find information on SGT ARTHUR HENDLEY, he was a rear gunner on lancasters, he lost his wedding finger in service, I've tried to find his service history by applying to the mod site but with only his DOB & address they couldn't find him as they needed his service number but my dad never talked about his time with the RAF .
    He got rid of everything when he came out & wouldn't talk about it.
    We never knew what squadron he was in, the lancaster he was in or the crew that he flew with, he never even told me his service number.
    I joined the AAC as my dad was in the RAF,my uncle Harry was in the Royal Marines.
    So if anyone could give me any advice on how I can find it or if they've any information i'd be grateful.

    Paul Hendley

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    Hi Paul.

    Did he have any middle name or was he just named Arthur Hendley?

    Go to this page

    And go to the appropriate alphabetic name file

    This one I think
    and use the "click here to preveiw file" link. Find the Hendleys and how many are Arthurs.

    Theres an Arthur Graham Hendley but he is a post war name and an Arthur Robert Hendley 1324165
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