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Thread: Blenheim 11 Sqdn collision on 5th April 1943 over Burma - Matheson and Besley

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    Default Re: SN 407418 F/Sgt George Aktinson Foster, 11 squadron, Died April 5th 1943 Burma.

    A very detailed account of what happened can be found here


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    Default Re: SN 407418 F/Sgt George Aktinson Foster, 11 squadron, Died April 5th 1943 Burma.

    Further to TE888s request (#9 above)...

    NAA Record Search
    Unfortunately, Chris (above), links to Record Search results always time out, and have ever done so IIRC.
    Therefor, suggest always begin from scratch at

    RAAF personal records
    RAAF men of ww2 will have either
    A personnel file A9300 (offr) or A9301 (airman)

    or, if wounded, missing, killed etc
    Their personnel file as above
    A casualty file (A705 eg).
    These may or may not be digitised at present: another topic.

    In this case, Record Search on Besley 402942 finds
    His A9300 personnel file digitised, including a copy of his account of the accident in action with 11 Sqn RAF.

    Searches on Foster and on Beasley's A705 cas files are bedevilled by some ref errors.
    So search on Beasley 402942 finds the correct casualty A705 file, also digitised.
    Includes additional accounts of the accident: Besley's own, plus Matheson's and an 11 Squadron pro-forma.

    Foster's correct service no is 407418 but none of his files are digitised at present.
    Nor are those of Matheson 406253.

    Interestingly, search on Foster 407418 finds Besley's A705 cas file at first pop, as "Beasley". Some nice indexing there, balancing the typo...

    This suggests the question, on NAA Record Search:
    Search on what?
    Well, for me, Name and Number together, knowing - as so often observed - any system/record is subject to error, so sometimes needing a little ingenuity in searching, when unexpected results or unexpected absence of result occur.

    On Aus service personnel, if stuck with a common name and no number, the WW 2 Nominal Rolls at Dept Veterans Affairs
    will usually produce reliable results in enough detail to sort the likely from the unlikely.

    Perhaps these notes will be of some use to those less used to Australian records.

    National Archives UK Discovery
    11 Squadron RAF Operations Record Book:
    Form 540 Summary of Events April 1943 AIR 27/157/43
    Form 541 Record Of Events April 1943 AIR 27/157/44
    are viewable as watermarked digital copies at no charge (...another current topic).
    Both give brief summaries of the action. TNA links don't time out.

    All the accounts referred to above differ in details, though recorded by participants and close to the date of occurrence.
    I no longer have Besley's Pilot Prisoner Survivor to compare, it may differ too.

    Don Clark
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    Toujours propos

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    Default Re: SN 407418 F/Sgt George Aktinson Foster, 11 squadron, Died April 5th 1943 Burma.

    Very, very odd.. Only Besley/Bealsy and Matheson survived..

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