Can anyone help me with information this aircraft? I have been researching No,460 Sqn and I am going crazy trying to decide which history is correct on this. Bill Chorley's Bomber Command Losses states that it was lost by No.467 Sqn on a sortie to Wilhelmshaven 19/20th February 1943. This is the only entry I can find for ED525 in No.467 Sqn ORB.

Crew, all KIA, listed as

78731 F/L J B Michie RAFVR Pilot
1104712 Sgt R Bailey RAFVR F/E
J11218 F/O W K Komaiko RCAF Nav
1267135 Sgt J S Turner RAFVR A/B
1086873 Sgt G McLoughin RAFVR Wop
R125299 Sgt H L Brown RCAF M/U
1601208 Sgt R A J King RAFVR R/G

Sure enough in the Sqn ORB it is listed as ED525. However, when researching No.460 Sqn I found that ED525 is listed as having its first sortie in the hands of the Sqn CO W/C Charles Ernest Martin RAAF to St Nazaire 22/23rd March 1943 until finally lost on its 23rd sortie to Hamburg 29/30th July 1943 with F/O Allan James Johnson RAAF. Chorley lists it as ED535 but No.460 Sqn Orb lists it as ED525!

Loss Card No.467 Sqn 19/20th February 1943 gives the loss as Lancaster BIII ED535!, but ED535 was lost on an op to Hamburg 29/30th July 1943 with No.460 sqn.

Loss Card for No.460 Sqn 29/20th July 1943 gives it as ED525

Summing up, I believe ED525 was not lost with No.467 Sqn on 19/20th February 1943 but with No 460 Sqn 29/30th July 1943. This then beggars the question which Lancaster was lost with No.467 Sqn ?
If ED535 was not lost with No.460 Sqn was it the aircraft lost with No.467 Sqn 19/20th February 1943? When lost it had only 11 hrs on the clock, which would tie in with my theory