Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying to locate the cause of death of the above-named Officer, who died on the 21st of April 1943. Google throws up nothing, he's not in Chorley's RoH, and he's not listed on the relevant page of "Unaccounted Airmen". He appears as far back as 1938 in the LG, in amongst pages of various (mostly) Post Office employees: -

In the LG issue for July the 8th 1938, the following entry is made on page 4409: -
"In pursuance of the Provisions of His Majesty's Order in Council of 22nd July, 1920, the Civil Service Commissioners hereby announce the undermentioned Appointments, Promotions, Transfers, etc. (including Assignments to the Clerical Class, etc.), for the month of June, 1938: "
There then follows pages and pages and pages of entries for various personnell under various clauses and subclauses, and then, on page 4424, the following entry: -
Skilled Workmen, Charles Paynter Ellis"

I don't have my KRs to hand, can anyone shed any light on what "Clause 10 (c)" is?

Thanks all, in anticipation of any help you can offer.