Hello everyone,
in ww2 mosaic photos created to accompany R.A.F. night bombing reports, there are symbols for various types of bomb explosions, smoke, etc.
In addition, there are other symbols (eg., a diamond or a trapezoid), for which the legend refers to the aircraft of squadrons who took part in the attack.
I don't know how exactly to interpret them. I suppose they are points where the photos from each aircraft were taken, but in many cases there are not explosions plotted in the nearby area, and this sound strange.
Can anyone halp me? Or does anyone know where to find a description on how the mosaic were created?
I am particularly interested in No. 205 Group operations in Italy (1944-1945), and I have found some of these mosaics in US but never at Kew, nor at the IWM: does anybody know whether they exist at TNA and where to find them?