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Thread: 461225 - Unaccounted Airmen - 25-12-1946

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    Default 461225 - Unaccounted Airmen - 25-12-1946


    461225 - Unaccounted Airmen - 25-12-1946

    From Henk's List -

    JONES, David Stuart - LAC - 1463208 - RAFVR.
    Hanover War Cemetery, Niedersachsen, Germany.

    ABBOTT, Aloysius Joseph ( Jamaica ) - AC2c - 713170 - RAFVR.
    Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey.
    HICKS, John James - AC2c - 2318782 - RAFVR.
    Coventry ( London Road ) Cemetery, Warwickshire.
    LINES, Ernest Robert - LAC - 1649162 - RAFVR.
    Hendon Cemetery & Crematorium, Middlesex.
    ROSS, William Knox Forrest - LAC - 1572503 - RAFVR.
    Thorn ( Abbey ) Cemetery, Renfrewshire.

    From CWGC -

    WAGNER, Hans - GAF.
    Nuneaton ( Oaston Road ) Cemetery, Warwickshire.


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    JONES, David Stuart - LAC - 422 AFAP

    ABBOTT, Aloysius Joseph ( Jamaica ) - AC2 - registered in Marylebone
    HICKS, John James - AC2 -registered in Coventry
    LINES, Ernest Robert - LAC - registered in Pancras
    ROSS, William Knox Forrest - LAC - registered in Lichfield


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    ABBOTT, Aloysius Joseph ( Jamaica ) - AC2c - 713170 - his death was widely reported in the newspapers at the time. The Western Morning News of February 13th 1947 reported the following:

    Accused Soldier Not Guilty of Murder
    Frederick Rowland Westbrook, 27, soldier, of Ellington Park, Maidenhead, who was stated to have been a deserter since October, 1946, was found guilty at the Old Bailey of the manslaughter of a 27 years old Jamaican airman, Aloysius Abbott, by shooting him in a cafe in Cavendish Street on Christmas Eve. The jury found Westbrook not guilty of murder.
    On a second indictment of shooting P.C.s Strange and Rowswell with intent to resist lawful apprehension and with wounding P.C. Rowswell, Westbrook pleaded "Guilty," and Mr. Justice Atkinson said he would sentence him today.
    Westbrook said he was "beaten up" by coloured men in the cafe and fired his pistol in self-defence. He denied shooting directly at police officers.

    The Cheltenham Chronicle of February 15th 1947 reported that Westbrook was sentenced to 11 years. Abbott had been on leave from Rissington.

    HICKS, John James - AC2c - 2318782 - the Coventry Evening Telegraph of December 31st 1946 reported the following:

    Fatal Bath After Christmas Day Dinner
    Shortly after eating a turkey dinner on Christmas Day, John James Hicks, and eighteen years old airman home on leave from the R.A.F., went upstairs in his parents' house at 6, Mulberry Road, Coventry, to take a hot bath. Half an hour later water began to come through the bathroom floor into a downstairs room, and when the door was forced, Hicks was found dead in the bath, which was overflowing.
    Frederick Walter Jordan, of the same address, said that when he forced open the locked door of the bathroom, the geyser was turned on, but not alight, and gas was escaping.
    Stating that death was due to asphyxia following regurgitation, complicated by gas poisoning, Dr. A. F. Wright put forward the theory that Hicks had been affected by carbon monoxide gas, which made him faint.
    Mr. F. A. C. Pykett, who represented the Corporation Gas undertaking, said he thought it possible Hicks had turned off the gas, but had turned it on again unconsciously, perhaps in falling back into the bath.

    LINES, Ernest Robert - LAC - 1649162 - the National Probate Calendar records that he died at University College Hospital, London W.C.1.

    ROSS, William Knox Forrest - LAC - 1572503 - the Tamworth Herald of December 28th 1946 reported the following:

    Airman's Body on Railway Line
    A police search of the railway line between Tamworth and Lichfield on Christmas Day led to the discovery of the body of Leading Aircraftman William Knox Forrest Ross, of 1, Arran Drive, Johnstone, Renfrewhsire.
    It is believed Ross was travelling on the 11.15 p.m. Euston to Glasgow express on his way home on demobilisation leave. When the train passed throuh Lichfield a carriage door was seen to be open and the train was examined at Armitage. An airman's kit and part of his clothing was found on a seat and the later examination of the line led to the finding of the body.
    An inquest was opened by the East Staffordshire Council Coroner (Mr. J. L. Auden) at the Old Bell Inn, Tamworth, yesterday (Thursday) and adjourned until January 9.

    WAGNER, Hans - GAF - registered Meriden.



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