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Thread: Some Successful Candidates to RAF Halton 1934

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    Default Some Successful Candidates to RAF Halton 1934

    Found this list in

    Published: Friday 03 August 1934
    Newspaper: Sheffield Independent
    County: Yorkshire, England

    I have spent 5 mins checking some names and found 3 Service Numbers

    I would expect all to be in the 5669nn 567nnn range - and will give an indication of when thee number allocated

    Both Pacey and Gurnell were both born in 1918 and so were 16 year old 'Boy Entrants' - i expect most of them will be

    This may help if you have a service number but no full first names and not on Air 78!

    maybe if anyone fancies a challenge fill in some of them missing numbers!

    The results of the competitive examination for the entry of aircraft apprentices
    to the Royal Air Force, announced yesterday, include two boys from a S
    heffield secondary school, and one from Hathersage, near Sheffield,
    as well as many successful candidates from the Lincolnshire district.
    The successful Sheffield entrants are

    John Arras Wesley and
    George Edward Golding, both of Nether Edge Secondary, School, Sheffield.

    Other candidates who passed were:

    Kenneth Packer. Doncaster Junior Technical School, Doncaster;
    Peter Gurnell. Lindsey. Lines.: #566980
    Leslie Sneesby, Drax Grammar School, Yorkshire (West Riding);
    Maurice Raw. King’s School. Pontefract:
    Stanley Frederick Spedding. Royal Hospital School, Holbrook;
    George Crapper. Hcmsworlh Grammar School, Yorkshire (West Riding):
    Fred Harris. Stonebroom Evening Institute. Derbyshire;
    George Edwin Ridd, Netherthorne Grammar School. Staveley; #566991
    Geoffrey Arthur Packman, Queen Elisabeth’s Grammar School, Mansfield;
    Sydney Bramley, Netherthorne Grammar School. Staveley;
    Charles Eric Palmer, Mexborough Secondary School
    Frederick Ronald Sullivan, Royal Hospital School, Scunthorpe:
    James W. C. Johnston. Royal Hospital School, Holbrook:
    Arthur Ellis. Sowerby Bridge County Secondary (Yorkshire West Riding);
    James Samuel Ferrigan. Royal Hospital School. Holbrook: and
    John Harmon. Wath-on-Dearne Grammar School.

    Frank Lorrain Clay and
    E. Malcolm Stockwell. Royal Hospital School. Holbrook
    Ronald Lindley, Wakefield. Queen Elisabeth’s Grammar School;
    Francis Stevens and
    Charles V. S. Churcher, Royal Hospital School. Holbrook;
    Eric Godber. Doncaster Junior Technical School;
    W. S. G. Evans, Harrogatr Grammar School:
    R. F. S. Callwood. Pocklington, Yorkshire West Riding;
    L. Bertram Fletcher and
    Clifford J. Heale. Royal Hospital School, Holbrook;
    James Wood Swan. Harrogate Grammar School:
    Frederick George Forster,
    Richard Lionel Duncan.
    George Bowyer.
    William Henry Hodson.
    and Thomas J. Prior, the Hospital School. Holbrook;
    Robert Bell Spencer, Yorkshire West Riding; and
    Cyril Douglas Lister. Gainsborough Grammar School. Lines.

    William Henry Goole Grammar School;
    Jack Anstess. Wath-on-Dearne Grammar School;
    Colin Broome. Hemsworth Grammar School. Yorkshire West Riding;
    William Johnson Oliver. Wath-on-Dearne Grammar School;
    Robert Pearson. Gainsborough Grammar School;
    Norman David Cooper. Hathersage Evening continuation School;
    Thomas A. Doyle, Barnsley Grammar School;
    George Lionel Nunn, Barnsley Technical School;
    Norris Billingham. Knaresborough;
    Harold Knowles. Netherthorpe Grammar School. Staveley; and
    John Brown, Hemsworth Grammar School.

    Ronald Harry Dibben, King Edward VI Grammar school. Spilsby;
    Walter Parkin. Hemsworth Grammar School;
    Douglas Steel. King’s School, Pontefract;
    Wilfrid A. Tindall, Guisborough Grammar School;
    Reginald J. Cook, Bemrose School, Derby ;
    Maurice C. Glover, King’s School. Grantham;
    Ronald Lyon, Netherthorpe Grammar School. Staveley ;
    Philip Leslie James, Ashby-de-la-Zouch Grammar School; and
    Gordon Melville Ruchet Fairweather. Queen Elisabeth’s Grammar School, Wakefield.

    Peter Frederick Pacey, Doncaster Gramniar School, #567315

    among the successful “service” candidates.

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    A Sampling.

    RAF Halton - Entry Numbers and Intakes.

    Entry No. - Lowest & Highest -- Arrival Date - - Annual Totals

    29 --------- 566707 -- 566956 -- January 1934) - 638
    30 --------- 566959 -- 567346 -- August 1934)
    31 --------- 567348 -- 567892 -- January 1935) - 1466
    32 --------- 567893 -- 568813 -- August 1935)
    33 --------- 568814 -- 569665 -- January 1936) - 1934
    34 --------- 569668 -- 570749 -- August 1936)
    35 --------- 570756 -- 571604 -- January 1937) - 2096
    36 --------- 571605 -- 572851 -- August 1937)

    History of Royal Air Force Halton No.1 School of Technical Training.
    London:Buckland Publications,1995

    Various Entry Numbers/Rolls of Honour, can be viewed here: - Hit "Tribute" then click on "The Roll of Honour" - go to Entry Numbers or Alpha Lists

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