A 37 Squadron a/c crashed in Turkey on the 14/02/1941.

From what I have seen in the data files on this forum that a/c is recorded as being a Vildebeest, serial number K2821.

It was a Wellington Ic, serial number T2821.

All crew of six were killed.

They were -
F/O. Allen Garnett WRIGHT, 42292, RAF.
P/O. George SMITH, 60314, RAFVR.
Sgt. Frederick John Ernest HARTMAN, 651654, RAF.
Sgt. Sidney James GARDNER, 751765, RAFVR.
P/O. Leonard Charles WELLMAN, 85947, RAFVR.
P/O. Percy Walter LAMBERT, 82200, RAFVR.

All rest in Turkey at the Haidar Pasha Cemetery, Istanbul.