Following a recent family bereavement, I was handed down some wartime records from a relative who served in the RAF during WWII.

Being interested in the history of WWII, I thought I knew all about my relatives wartime history, he served as an armourer on fighter planes, mainly in North Africa and later Italy.

However in amongest the records I was given was a single page of an Operational Load Certificate (RAF form 1826) for a Wellington Bomber, MKXIII with what I believe is the serial number of JA105. The page shows the plane completed missions on several days (29/1/44, 30/1/44 and finally 1/2/44), sadly there is a note underneath this last mission that says the aircraft did not return. On this last mission the aircraft was carrying 1 Accoustic Mine and 1 Magnetic Mine and that the pilot or bomb aimer was a F/O Pugh.

I'm trying to understand what the connection is between this document and my relative (I didn't believe he worked on any bomber squadrons). I've searched the internet for any information on this aircraft but have had no success. Would anybody have any information they could share about this aircraft, i.e. what squadron it served with, where it was based, or any information on its loss?

Many thanks