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Thread: 1940 Unaccounted Airmen Database Reconciliation

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    Default 1940 Unaccounted Airmen Database Reconciliation


    I have completed the 1940 database reconciliation with the forum posts and AIR81 Records. Would appreciate review and corrections and additions.

    Year/Month Total Records Still Unaccounted
    1940 6888 1303 (18%)
    January 130 43 (33%)
    February 104 45 (43%)
    March 184 41 (22%)
    April 357 79 (22%)
    May 896 106 (12%)
    June 923 132 (14%)
    July 575 89 (15%)
    August 911 157 (17%)
    September 775 143 (18%)
    October 723 153 (21%)
    November 684 165 (24%)
    December 626 150 (24%)

    The records can be looked up from You can search by Year-Month (YYYY-MM) and check the "Unacc?" Checkbox to see the ones without details. There are also extra search options "Aircraft Name" and Aircraft Serial numer if you wish to use it so.

    Of the 5585 records that have the details, 5326 are linked to AIR81 records, 185 are linked to posts made in the 1940 unaccounted forum, 47 are linked directly to NA Discovery Catalog.

    Out of the 1303 records that are still 'unaccounted for' - a significant portion are overseas in Canada (101), Australia (79), South Africa (53), Kenya (34) and New Zealand (33) and do not have any details in AIR81 or on this forum.

    About 46 records on the Runnmede memorial from 1940 are still unaccounted for.

    If our members can review the still unaccounted names and add details to posts in here, I can start cross linking them to the DB. (or I can actually give direct access so that the entries can be made). I cannot link to an external site other than National Archives at present. so a post to a publicly available source (and not something taken from a commercial book) in one of our unaccounted threads would be most ideal.

    PS: While accounting for many of the airmen posts on the forum, I came across several recent posts by Martyn Critchlow and wwrsimon who revisited threads after many years to fill their fates. These are linked to the DB. Shout out to both.

    Added Later:
    Link above will give latest numbers.

    Total for the year as of 12 December:

    1940 6888 1074 (15.6%)
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