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    Aircraftman 2nd Class Thomas Foster GORDON (R/57573) 1940-02-11

    Died in Auto Crash

    Aircraftman 2nd Class James COLQUHOUN (R/54615) 1940-02-14

    Aircraftsman James Colquhoun, of Rosemount, Que., was killed while working in an Eastern air
    command machine shop, it was announced tonight at command headquarters here. He was struck on the
    head by a heavy piece of metal when a derrick collapsed.

    Aircraftman 1st Class Richard Sidney NAPPER (10188A) 1940-03-09 Canada Hamilton (Woodland) Cemetery

    Killed whwn he walked into a running propellar of an aeroplane at the Air force Station at Vancouver (prob 119th Bomber Sqn)

    Sergeant Walter LEWIS (1404) 1940-03-23 Canada Trenton (St. George's) Cemeter

    Sgt Walter Lewis
    BIRTH 13 Dec 1898
    DEATH 23 Mar 1940 (aged 41)
    Saint Georges Cemetery
    Trenton, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
    MEMORIAL ID 107099445 · View Source

    If Anyone with Ancestry membership
    Canada, WWII Service Files of War Dead, 1939-1947
    View Image
    Record information.
    Walter Lewis
    13 Dec 1898
    23 Mar 1940

    Aircraftman 2nd Class Herbert Maxmillium RAIBL (12134A) 1940-04-05 Canada Regina Cemetery

    HERBERT 'Bert' RAIBL Requiem high mass will be celebrated at the Church of the Little Flower on Saturday at 10 a.m.
    for Herbert Max Raibl. 20, who died at Trenton. Ont., air base. Msgr. Janssen will be celebrant and
    burial will take place in the soldiers' plot at Regina cemetery

    Died after a very short illness, his death occurred in Hospital Kingston, Ont

    Aircraftman 2nd Class Alexander Fisher COOK (R/52150) 1940-04-06 Canada London (Mount Pleasant) Cemete

    Alexander Fisher Cook
    BIRTH 22 Jun 1901
    DEATH 6 Apr 1940 (aged 38)
    Mount Pleasant Cemetery and Crematorium
    London, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
    PLOT Sec. Y. Grave 438.
    MEMORIAL ID 141275639 · View Source

    Canada, WWII Service Files of War Dead, 1939-1947
    View Image
    Record information.
    Alexander Fisher Cook

    Alexander Fisher Cook
    22 Jun 1901
    6 Apr 1940 Canada
    Canada, War Graves Registers (Circumstances of Casualty), 1914-1948
    View Image
    Record information.
    Alexander fisher Cook
    dd mm 1940

    Aircraftman 2nd Class James Harold Charles WISKIN (2645) 1940-04-20 Canada Kingston (Cataraqui) Cemetery

    Died following an accident at an eastern Canada flying base.
    Aircraftman 2nd Class James Harold Charles Wiskin lost his life in the crash of his Douglas Digby (#743) aircraft.

    Date: 20-APR-1940
    Time: 14:30
    Type: Douglas Digby I (B-18 Bolo)
    Owner/operator: Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)
    Registration: 743
    C/n / msn: 1635
    Fatalities: Fatalities: 1 / Occupants: 6
    Other fatalities: 0
    Aircraft damage: Written off (damaged beyond repair)
    Location: RCAF Dartmouth, NS - Canada
    Nature: Military

    R.C.A.F. MAN IS KILLED Four Injured in Crash at Practice in Dartmouth, N.S. Ottawa, April 21.
    One man was killed and four injured when a Royal Canadian Air Force plane crashed
    at Dartmouth. N.S. on Saturday, Air Force headquarters her announced tonight.
    Aircraftman Class II J. H. C Wiskin, Halifax, was killed, it was announced.
    Aircraftman Class I R. A. Barry, Dartmouth, was severely injured.
    Flying Officer R. R. Dennis, Ottawa, the pilot, waa slightly injured, as
    were Aircraftman Class I L. A. Thomas. Man-ville. Alta..
    and Aircraftman Class I J. P. Wood. Westmount, Que.
    Tha co-pilot, Flying Officer J. G. Richardson, Saskatoon, escaped injury.
    "The aircraft was engaged in flying practice when the crash occurred," the Air Force statement said.

    Corporal Hugh Allan POWERS (7504) 1940-04-22 Canada Ottawa (Beechwood) Cemetery
    Corporal Cecil Adrian HALE (54) 1940-04-22 Canada Ottawa Notre Dame Cemetery
    Aircraftman 1st Class Thomas Begley McLEAN (7581) 1940-04-25 Canada Ottawa (Beechwood) Cemetery

    KIlled when a sydney bound freight train lurcning through a blizzard, ploughed into a car at Coxheath
    level crossing, 3 miles from Sydney

    Aircraftsman Thomas MacLean (died 25 April 1940)
    and Aircraftsman Harold Musgrave (driver ) injured

    Pilot Officer Gordon Robert DAY (C/1050) 1940-04-29 Canada Ottawa (Beechwood) Cemetery

    Killed solo night flight near Camp Boden

    North American Harvard #1343
    Category A crash at Borden at 21:50 on 29 April 1940. Had 456:25 airframe time when struck off. Wasp engine retained as a training aid.

    Flying Officer George Edgar AULD (C/1747) 1940-05-17 Canada Charlottetown People's Cemeter
    Flight Lieutenant Harvey Bell JASPER (C/194) 1940-05-17 Canada Saskatoon (Woodlawn) Cemetery
    Flying Officer John Easton PIDCOCK (C/1758) 1940-05-17 Canada Qu'appelle Cemetery
    Aircraftman 1st Class John Robert KEAN (R/51908) 1940-05-17 Canada Windsor (Victoria) Memorial Pa

    Date: 17-MAY-1940
    Noorduyn Norseman IV
    Owner/operator: Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)
    Registration: 678
    Crashed shortly after midnight. One bailed out but did not survive.

    Flight Lieutenant Harry Robert McBURNEY (C/769) 1940-05-24 Canada Saskatoon (Woodlawn) Cemetery

    SATURDAY. MAY 25. 1940 Saskatoon Pilot - Killed In Trenton I By Tb Canadian Pru TRENTON, Ont.,
    May 25. Flight - Lieutenant II. R. Mo Burney, 23. Saskatoon, was killed and
    Sergeant - Pilot Al Cheesman of Port Arthur, famed "flying alderman," suffered minor
    injuries Friday night when the Royal Canadian Air Force plane in which they were about to
    land took a sudden nosedive and ploughed into me ground. Hospital official? at the
    training base hospital said that Cheesman suffered Inly alight Injuries.
    He was a one - time member of the Port Arthur city council and his flying
    tendencies earned him the title of the "Flying Alderman." McBurney apparently
    was at the controls when It crashed. Further details were not revealed by military authorities.

    Harvard Mk. I, number 1347. Crashed at Trenton, while with the Central Flying School.

    Wing Commander Francis John CROSSFIELD (C/58) 1940-06-01 Canada Ottawa (Beechwood) Cemetery

    Deaths. Suddenly, at Ottawa, on Saturday Wing Commander Francis John CROSSFIELD aged 60

    Aircraftman 1st Class Oscar David BROWNFIELD (R/51048) 1940-06-10 Canada Big River Cemetery
    Flying Officer John James COTTER (C/1588) 1940-06-10 Canada Halifax (Holy Cross) Roman Cat
    Aircraftman 1st Class James Edward NESBITT (R/51105) 1940-06-10 Canada Saskatoon (Woodlawn) Cemetery

    Plus Norman McLeod Rogers, Canada’s minister of defence at the time

    Hudson 770

    3 RCAF deaths on 10 June 1940 is Hudson 770. This was with No. 7 (GP) Squadron, which was working up with new Hudsons at Rockcliffe before going to an operational station on the east coast. 770 was used as a VIP transport on this date, to carry a cabinet minister, The Honourable Norman Rogers, from Rockcliffe to Toronto for a speaking engagement. The aircraft came down at 12:15 local time, 1 mile east of Newtonville, Ontario and was destroyed. The records I have seen all talk about Rogers, with no mention of RCAF losses.

    Aircraftman 2nd Class Chester Miles WOOD (R/63779) 1940-06-16 Canada London (Woodland) Cemetery

    Died in a aircraft accident at Trenton when he failed to bring his plane out of a flat spin, four miles east of Consecon

    Fleet Finch II 4453

    Category A damage on 16 June 1940 at Consecon, Ontario (near Trenton).

    Aircraftman 1st Class John Leonard GAUDET (R/54703) 1940-06-30 Canada Mont Carmel (Notre Dame De Mon

    Automobile Accident

    Aircraftman 1st Class Russell Kenneth McCUAIG (R/51165) 1940-07-01 Canada Biggar Memorial Gardens

    Died from injuries when struck by automobile near Port Stanley

    Leading Aircraftman Joseph Ives Aurelien SAUVE (7676) 1940-07-14 Canada Hull (Notre Dame) Cemetery

    Airman Is Drowned Wife Sees Aurelien -So uve Lose Life

    Aircraftman Aurelien , Sauve, 21, of 384 Booth street, .Ottawa, and attached to the R-CA-F.'Air'
    Station at Rockcliffe lost hia fife by drowning near the South, end of Phillip's lake 30 miles from
    Ottawa early on Sunday after noon. Despite searches yesterday and this morninf. the body was not
    recovered. . . Mr. Sauve and his bride of seven months left their home la Ottawa shortly after
    one o'clock and motored to Phillips's Lake for a shortly after their arrival. the airman
    decided to go swimming. Securing a boat, he rowed about 60 feet from the shore and d
    ived into the lake. .Coming up after his Initial plunge, he swam a few strokes
    and then seemed to get into difficulty. Seated on the shore watching him,
    Mrs. Sauve saw him falter, and struggle towards the boat -some 20 feet distant.
    "I think he must have had cramps" she said "he seemed to be fighting hia way to the
    boat, and nearly had hid nana on tne gunwall when he went under the surface". ,

    Flying Officer Joseph Jean Alexandre Victor LALONDE (C/1012) 1940-07-15 Canada Montreal (Notre Dame Des Neige
    Corporal Maxwell James ARMITAGE (2402) 1940-07-15 Canada South March (St. John's) Cemet

    Lockheed Hudson 759

    Killed in plane crash near Dartmouth Ontario. Crashed into Halifax harbour
    Category A crash in the Eastern Passage, at 08:25 on 15 July 1940. Had 232:10 logged time when it crashed.

    Flight Lieutenant Allan SIMPSON (C/1127) 1940-07-27 Canada Burnaby (Ocean View) Burial Pa
    Leading Aircraftman Robert L. RICHARDSON (P/4056) 1940-07-27 Canada Ottawa Cremation Memorial
    Flying Officer Robert Mcgee HALPENNY (C/1296) 1940-07-27 Canada Edmonton Cemetery, Alberta

    Blackburn Shark 517

    Lost upper wing during dive bombing training at Alliford Bay, BC on 27 July 1940, 2 (or 3?) fatalities, first RCAF Shark fatalities. This accident lead to fleet grounding, and general inspection and repair of aircraft before returning to service.

    Killed plane crash at Alliford Bay, BC during dive bombing practice Plane sank in 60 eet of water but bodies were recovered

    Sergeant Arthur St. George FISHER (957) 1940-07-27 Canada Ottawa (Beechwood) Cemetery

    Death from natural causes of Sgt. Arthur St. George Fisher, formerly of Ottawa, while on active service, was "reported

    Squadron Leader Richard Campbell PROCTER (C/180) 1940-08-14 Canada Ottawa Memorial
    Flying Officer Hugh Lockhart GORDON (C/1864) 1940-08-14 Canada Ottawa Memorial
    Corporal Robert George BROWN (12029A) 1940-08-14 120 Sqdn Canada Ottawa Memorial
    Flying Officer Joseph Georges Hector DESBIENS (C/1572) 1940-08-14 120 Sqdn Canada Ottawa Memorial

    Capt John Henry Bourne, Royal Canadian Ordane Corps, Ottawa also killed,-john-henry/

    Dived into waters of Seymour Narrows, midwaay between Valdex and Vancouver Islands

    120 BR Sqn

    Northorpo Delta 670

    Not here
    Operated by No. 120 (BR) Squadron from RCAF Stations Sea Island and Patricia Bay, BC, May 1940 to July 1941.

    last date: 16 December 1940

    Squadron Leader William George Allen COULSON (29237) 1940-08-15 Canada Winnipeg (Elmwood) Cemetery

    Killed in England Buried Canada
    Hudson I, P9320 Crew

    The Silloth ORB lists the nine crew and occupants of this Hudson belonging to No.1 OTU, which struck a balloon cable whilst taking off from Eastleigh and crashed half a mile north of the aerodrome, as:

    S/Ldr Coulson
    F/O Immelman
    P/O Davis
    P/O Whittle
    Sgt Froud
    Sgt Cowie
    Sgt Barlow
    AC2 Taylor

    Flying Officer Roy Hoole IMMELMAN (39530) Pilot 1940-08-15 United Kingdom Fawley (All Saints) Churchyard
    Sergeant John BARLOW (901973) Wireless Op./Air Gunner 1940-08-15 United Kingdom Fawley (All Saints) Churchyard
    Sergeant Douglas Borthwick COWIE (645452) Wireless Op./Air Gunner 1940-08-15 United Kingdom Fawley (All Saints) Churchyard
    Sergeant Arthur Martin FROUD (637289) Wireless Op./Air Gunner 1940-08-15 United Kingdom Fawley (All Saints) Churchyard
    Pilot Officer Bernard Naylor WHITTLE (40871) Pilot 1940-08-15 United Kingdom Manchester General Cemetery
    Pilot Officer Albert Percival DAVIS (41261) Pilot 1940-08-15 United Kingdom Fawley (All Saints) Churchyard
    Squadron Leader William George Allen COULSON (29237) 1940-08-15 Canada Winnipeg (Elmwood) Cemetery
    Aircraftman 2nd Class Alexander TAYLOR (951883) 1940-08-15 United Kingdom Fawley (All Saints) Churchyard

    Flying Officer Peter Charles Everett LAY (C/1071) 1940-08-16 Canada Regina Cemetery
    Leading Aircraftman Gerald Robert RAYMOND (22015A) 1940-08-16 Canada Bloomfield Station (Christ Chu
    Leading Aircraftman Andrew Joseph HURLEY (P/9797) 1940-08-16 8 Sqdn Canada Ottawa Memorial

    Northrop Delta aircraft 682

    Killed when RCAF aircraft crashed into Atlantic ocean off Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Three Airmen Die in Crash r; Near Sydney R.C.A.F. Machine ' Dives Into Sea In Gunnery Practice- NORTH - SYDNEY, Aug. 16. (CP) Three flyers were killed today when an air craft of the Royal Canadian Air Force crashed into the sea. an R.C.AJF. statement announced tonight The announcement said the plane crashed near Hertford Island, off Cape Dolphin on the Cape Breton coast, while carrying, out gunnery practice. "The aircraft sank immediately after crashing into the water and an attempt to rescue the crew by local inhabitants on the mainland was of no avail", the statement '. said. ' i ' The Victims. The victims were announced as; Flying Officer T. C. E. Lay, Jle-gina; Leading Aircraftman Andrew Joseph Hurley. Vankleek HUL Ont.; . Aircraftman Gerald Raymond. Norton, N3. The airplane left shore around nine o'clock this morning, and lis hours later shore residents saw it plummeting Into the Atlantic. Word was relayed to the air base, and several planes went out and patrolled the area without success, i Further search will be carried out tomorrow. -' ' . Flying Officer Lay and Aircraftman Raymond were unmarried. Hurley was married. :- Born At Vankleek H11L Leading ' Aircraftman Hurley was born, 23 year ago the son of CorneliusY M. Hurley and his wife Vankleek Kill Collegiate and joined the R.CAJ. three years ago. He was stationed first at Trenton and later at North Sydney. Last December he married Dorothy Mason. I , Surviving in addition to his wife and parents are four brothers, Leo, John, Emmett and Lewis. ' Aircraftman Raymond. NORTON, N,' Aug. !.- 'Aircraftman Gerald R. Raymond, killed in the crash of an R.CA.F. plane off the Cape Breton coast today, was a son of Mr. and Mrs.- Kenneth Raymond of Bloomfield, NJB. . Twenty-eight years of age, he was educated at Bloomfield and the Saint John Vocational School. He is survived by his parents, one brother and a sister.

    Aircraftman 2nd Class John Henry Albert CROCKER (R/60274) 1940-08-20 Canada Calgary (Burnsland) Cemetery

    INJURIES FATAL Ottawa, Aug. 21. The de- partment of national defence for air announced
    last night that John Henry Albert Crocker, of Hardisty, Alta.,
    died today as a result of in- juries received in a flying accident Monday at the Calgary club, Lethbridge, Alta.

    D.H.82(Can) Tiger Moth 240 (ex CF-CGP)

    RCAF 240 1940.08.18 Accident An error in judgement on the part of the pilot resulted in the loss of control at a low altitude. Lethbridge, AB
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