Thanks Paul. I have added all your suggested additions.

Having scanned through the 1939 entries from Henk's files - Following airmen can now be accounted for:

1939-09-17 2 AC Sqdn (RCAF) 934 AC2 CAIL, Frederick G. . Death by natural causes while in the St.John General Hospital, St.John/New Brunswick - buried St.John/New Brunswick.

1939-09-17 HMS Courageous 539432 AC1 MILLWARD, Henry L. (811 sqn)

1939-09-22 9 B&GS 616695 Cpl COYLE, Thomas John ('Jack'). Died on ACtive service in a road ACcident on the Pwllheli to Nevin road; death registered at Pwllheli/NW.Wales.

1939-09-25 144 Sqdn 528576 AC1 DAVIES, Robert G. (Hampden - Hemswell/Lincolnshire) Died of injuries following a road ACcident Scunthorpe

1939-09-27 4 Sqdn 119522 LAC PAGE, Thomas J. (Lysander - Mons-en-Chaussée). Died on ACtive service - killed in a motorcycle ACcident. (Road part [50 vehicles including 4 BSA motorcycles] were embarked at Southampton and landed at Brest).

1939-10-02 1 Equipment Depot C80 Canada S/L IVEY, Hartley S. (MB-353). (Ottawa/Ontario). Death by natural causes - buried Ottawa/Ontario.

1939-10-03 Ohakea A39587 AC2 Aircrafthand TAYLOR, Charles H. (RNZAF) - AQ1-72. Died of natural causes while on parade at Ohakea and is buried at Gisborne.

1939-10-09 42601 Cadet Pilot HOPKINS, Robert I. (Canada). (AF-152/MB-335). Listed by Allison as P/O and killed in training ACcident, death registered at Cambridge.

1939-10-13 753619 AC2 Meteo MONTGOMERY, Robert E. (Meteo Office - Bicester/Oxfordshire). Two trains collided wrecking the buffet at Bletchley Railway Station (Age 31), death registered in North Buckinghamshire.

1939-10-14 615 Sqdn 819059 AC2 KNIGHTS, Leslie V. (Gladiator - Croydon/Surrey). Was a deserter from the Squadron and his body discovered at his home in Addington; he had committed suicide by gas poisoning on or about 1939-10-02.

1939-10-30 620845 AC1 GEE, Thomas. Death registered at Whitchurch. Struck and killed on the flare path at Shawbury by Oxford N4563.

1939-10-30 20 Sqdn 517800 AC1 REED, Frederick. (Age 24). (Audax - Miramshah-Peshawar/India). Buried Cairo WMC.

1939-11-06 Hobsonville A39658 AC1 Aircrafthand CLINCE, Eric J. (RNZAF) - AQ1-72. Drowned and body discovered in the upper Waitemata; buried at Auckland.

1939-11-15 70837 P/O SKINNER, Harold W.C. (Panel 3). Chief Test Pilot "Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd", Woodley, Reading. Died suddenly in a bath at his home of a cerebral haemorrhage.

1939-11-26 590640 Sgt SKELTON, Kenneth O. (Age 24). Died of injuries to the base of the brain caused by being knocked down on a road by a motor car; ACquittal of manslaughter; death registered Lincoln.

1939-12-03 942 (Balloon) Sqdn 870969 AC2 FLETCHER, Percy. Died on ACtive service. (17BC - Hull). (Screen Wall Panel 2) He was drowned in the Humber Estuary whilst on duty

1939-12-13 149 Sqdn 569513 LAC NAYLOR, Ernest J. - Panel 2 - Died in Forest Hospital Buckhurst Hill, Essex 1939-12-13 of injuries received in a motorcar ACcident on Epping Road. (Returning to his unit after 6 days' special leave awarded for the part he had played in the recent successful flight over Heligoland).

1939-12-16 149 Sqdn 520179 LAC SMITH, Ivor J.T. Died 1939-12-16 in White Lodge Hospital, Newmarket, of injuries received in an ACcident. The bicycle he was riding, was struck by a car on Newmarket Road.

1939-12-20 99 Sqdn 569344 LAC Fitter II/FME WILLIS, Richard H. Knocked down 2030h by a Staff Car in a foggy night on the road leading from Rowley Mile Grandstad to Newmarket, Cambridgeshire. Survived a flying ACcident (injured) 1939-09-19 on Wellington L4232.