As you all know

I am making a study of all RAF parachute escapes upto April 30th 1940 - Around 500 Incidents

A long term mystery on mine was a Collision between Pilots P/O James Reginald Bryan "Jim" Meaker and P/O Charles Francis Ambrose around Feb/March 1940

A correspondent of mine has recently (via a House Clearance - so he a can't ask the original owner) obtained a box of Gloster Gladiator bits which were labelled

"Gladiator. Collision Calowell Farm Near Whiteshill, Stroud 14th of March 1940. Aircraft believed to be from 5 o.t.u. Aston Down"

- A written report with the bits also mentions Bail Out (i.e Parachute) and 3 aircraft in formation at the time

This incident is new to me and I can't find any reference to it in my research, nor any aircraft losses for Gladiators which match- It does not mean it did not happen though (as we all know)

However, for reference

1) What I do know about the incident to Meaker and Ambrose is an account by Meaker in which it says he was flying in formation when the collision occurred,
b) A further Internet Bio on Meaker says he was involved in a "Gladiator" Collision,
c) Meaker and Ambrose were at 12 Group Pool at Aston Down at the same time - So the location is good
d) As I have said before the dates are right

Ambrose joined 12 Group Pool February 1940

For Ambrose I also have

"After converting to 'Hurricanes' he was posted to 46 Squadron at Digby on 23rd March."

- 12 Group Pool would have had a couple of Hurricanes but mainly Gladiators as they were teaching not only too to operate Hurricanes but also fighters in general - They also had Harvard and Blenheims

I have been looking at this for years, and I know not to get my hopes up, but this feels 'right' - I have always suspected the incident happened in their training together at Aston Down

Note: Ambrose and Meaker were not in Norway together when Collision occurred, whatever the books/Internet says. Meaker prob never went and Ambrose if he did go did not fly Operationally

The dates DO NOT match UP anyway - Incident happened late Feb/Early March 1940

I wonder if any of your members knows of a collision on this date at this location and the aircraft involved ??

Many Thanks

Paul McMillan