I'm looking for détails about Charles Edward Esam, Navigator on Mosquito VI HR179 who crashed at Campneuseville, in the Seine-Maritime département, during the night 2/3rd June 1944. They took off at 00:10 and crashed at 00:57 according to German documents, also a Gendarmerie report states the crash occuped in the afternoon, but is likely in error, as this is more like the time when they were informed, rather than the time of the event itself.

Pilot was R.C.A.F. F/O Tomlinson, and the subject has been covered here

the raflogs website which is mentioned in the thread is sadly no longer active. Perhaps someone has saved Tomlinson's logbook to his computer ?

No. 418 Squadron had two navigators with the surname Esam in their roll :
Charles Edward, service number 153311 who was killed in action on 3rd June 1944
Richard Terrell, service number 153312, who survived the war. He flew with Flight Lieutenant D.E. Forsyth, and the pair claimed several V1s shot down.

As the service numbers follow each other, I'm keen on thinking that they were twins, or at least brothers. Can a forumite confirm or help ?

thanks in advance