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Thread: Hurricane squadrons - Evac from France May 1940

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    Default Hurricane squadrons - Evac from France May 1940

    Please can anybody help me to identify which were the last squadrons to return to England in the fall of France. I have various dates for various squadrons such as 1, 73 and 501 for June 1940 and would like to nail it down, as I have notes suggesting Hurricanes detached to French bases flying from French soil as late as 18 June - confused.
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    You need Peter Cornwell's The Battle of France Then and Now. 242 Sq left France at 11:00am on the 18th June, however three aircraft ran out of fuel and crashed in England at 2.00pm, which suggests a somewhat later departure. The actual phrase is "unservicable aircraft were burned on evacuation to England 11.00am". A similar comment is made about 1 Sq but 11:45am. 73 Sq left at 15:00, after some five patrols that day. 501 Sq was based in the Channel Islands and left there on the 19th.
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