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    Default 1283064 Gwyn Elwyn EVANS PoW

    Old query

    57 Sqn?

    Apparently never resolved - I can tell you the Glamorgan Gazette - Friday 13 March 1942

    Says "reported prisoner, son of Geo. Evans of BLAENGARW. He was a wireless operator air gunner.

    Sergt. Evans was one of the first members in South Wales of the Caterpillar Club, membership of which is confined to those who have made a successful escape from an aeroplane parachute."

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    Default Re: 1283064 Gwyn Elwyn EVANS PoW

    Paul, a seperate effort is underway to enrich Ross's POW Data and so based on it - (AIR81 link and others)

    Seems like crew baled out but the Wellington made it back to UK safely

    (Pete Davies is working on it, and I am being helped by Rob Davis who has helped us tie on quite a few aircraft serials) ..

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    Thanks for the new information about this airman. I started the original thread and I was suspecting an airman who bailed out from a bomber that landed back in U.K., hence not including in Chorley.

    When I initially checked the Squadron ORB, in a hurry, as mentioned in the original thread, I failed to notice the second EVANS who was the one I was researching. The other I found on the Boulogne raid 21/22 October 1941, on folio 154, while G.E. EVANS from Wales was on the back of that very page. As there's only rank and surname in the form 541 of 57 Squadron, and my reading was really too quick, I didn't spot that then.

    The Squadron ORB mentions the posting in of that crew on 13th October 1941, from 20 O.T.U. with the captain's name spellt as CRUZE, and the form 541 names him Sgt COOK.

    G.E. EVANS was 1st Wireless Telegrapher (the other EVANS was an observer).

    I now have another PoW questionnaire (observer A.S. Barnes, the other crewmember who bailed out) and the casualty pack to check at Kew, hoping they'll give more access to readers, to make it worthwile the trip.

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