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Thread: 943151 L.A.C Robert Henry Gordon, 9 Sqn, d. 18th Sept, 1940

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    Default 943151 L.A.C Robert Henry Gordon, 9 Sqn, d. 18th Sept, 1940

    Hello everyone

    L.A.C. Robert Henry Gordon of 9 Squadron died on September 18th 1940, registered (I think) at Ely. He is listed as D.O.A.S. in Casualty Communique No. 54, Flight Magazine, December 19th 1940.

    His death as reported in the Yorkshire Post of September 23rd 1940:

    Robert Henry Gordon, the Huddersfield Town reserve wing half, has died from wounds received while serving with the R.A.F. Gordon was deputy at right half to Willingham, and on the numerous occasions on which he appeared with the first team he showed himself to be a player of unusual accomplishments. He joined Huddersfield four years ago from Shankhouse, Northumberland.

    Can anyone give me any details on the circumstances behind his death?

    Many thanks,



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    Simon, Hi,
    Can't give you anything on Gordon.
    However (and at the risk of setting you off chasing wild geese up gum trees!), on the same Ely Vol/Page there is 7686315 L/Cpl John G Salomon (or Solomon) of the Army Int Corps who's death is registered 2 days earlier on 16 Sep 40. If (rpt IF) there's any connection then you might be looking at an RTA - or similar?
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