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Thread: 57 Sqdn, missing ORB sections May 1940

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    Default 57 Sqdn, missing ORB sections May 1940

    I'd appreciate advice from anybody with knowledge concerning 57 Sqdn ORB's in 1940.

    I have all sections of Air 27 / 537 but find that Parts 10 and 12 seem to be missing and not apparently on the National Archives website listing. I have queried this with them but there doesn't seem to be a conclusion. I do know that the record for the month of April 1940 was lost when France fell and the squadron was evacuated - that much is stated at the end of Air 27 / 537 - 9. But I cant find the Form 541 Detail of work carried out for May 1940 and many of these Ops were flown from Hawkinge post evac.

    thanks Pete
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    I have a copy of the ORB as a whole, before TNA decided to split these documents into tiny chunks as a revenue earning exercise.
    Unfortunately it is as you have found it. One page for April 1940 stating the record for that month had been lost, four pages of F.540 for May but no F.541 and two pages of F.540 for June. There is a single page of F.541 for June but it just records "No operational flying carried out by this unit during the month of June 1940."
    There are Appendices, but these stop at March 1940 and do not resume until October 1944 ! Very frustrating for anyone trying to research this squadron for this period.

    Sorry not to have had any better news.


    Martin Gleeson.

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