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Thread: Mosquito HK-503

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    Default Mosquito HK-503

    Hi ,
    On October 06 1944 Mosquito Mk XIII HK-503 from N 409 sqdn made a belly landing at Le Culot /A-89 airfield due to engine problems.Can someone help me with names of the crew ?

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    Default Hk-503

    There is no mention in the ORB, but in the semi-monthly report there is mention of a NFT ( night flight test) where a Mosquito returned with the landing gear not locked down. This turned into a belly landing. Mentions the pilot as F/Lt G. Sproule. Going back to the ORB, F/Lt G. Sproule seems to do all his flying with F/O Wilkinson RAF 172800. Hope this helps. richard

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    Alain Guest


    Thanks Richard


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    Default 409 SQN - Mosquito HK503 details

    Regarding HK503. F/Lt G Sproule/F/O Wilkinson 6th OCT 44 - We know it had one engine fail and landing gear was not locked down prior to emergency landing - and that this emergency belly landing blocked the runway which prevented MM574 from performing an emergency landing - Crew ditched MM574(destroyed approx. 21:45) and bailed out. However, does anyone know the following details:
    1-What exactly caused HK503 Engine and Landing gear failure
    2-What time did HK503 suffer problems
    3-Exactly What time did HK503 attempt emergency landing at Le Culot A-89
    4-Le Culot had 2 working runways (maybe if not ruined by previous bombing)
    5-Why couldn't MM574 land on second runway
    6-Le Culot east Y-10 (Goetsenhoven or Sint Truiden ??) airfield was working also why could that not be used
    7-Why would it be that the ORB or LOGs for 409 do not mention HK503 departure or emergency landing 6th OCT

    I know there are a lot of questions I would appreciate any clues if they can be found.
    Thanks in anticipation and Regards
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