I am researching the history of my Father-in-Law, and can find little information about him or the unit he ended up with. He was an RAF Volunteer Reserve at the start of the war, and joined in August 1940 through Padgate. He was posted to 248 Squadron which undertook Coastal Patrols mainly from Dyce and Predannach. He was a driver which presumably encompassed servicing on aircraft as well as ground vehicles.
In August 1943 he was part of the formation of 312 Supply and Transport Column in Bicester. He went overseas with this unit, but I can find little information on 312 S&T Column, it's locations and duties.
He appeared to move things between 422AFAP and 424AFAP, but what and where they were is a mystery. There appears to be little information about 312 S&T.
He was 'Mentioned in Dispatches' in the London Gazette of 14/6/45, but I can find nothing further about why.
Can anyone help to fill in the gaps so that I can give my brother-in-law the history of his service in the war.