Hi all

I've had some luck. In trying to track down the Sourbrodt (Belgium) Cemetery book, I ended up being directed to the Leige branch of the State Archives, Belgium. While they didn't have the cemetery book, they did have a copy of the German report (1 page) reporting the crash, the location and the burial of 3 of the crew members in the Sourbrodt Cemetery (P/O Vernon Humphrey RAAF, Flt Sgt Alan David Chew RAF, Sgt Thomas Horrocks RAF).

The crash location of Lancaster HA-D PD252 was between Sourbrodt and Mont Rigi (4.6 km north of Sourbrodt by road).

The report is in German and a word I can't translate is Venngelande (written as 'im Venngelande'). Could be 'in the forest'?

The State Archives (Belgium) staff were very helpful however it is a paid service to get copies of the document and had to wait a week for international payment to clear before getting the copy.

In all, I couldn't believe my luck and very happy to have narrowed the crash location given the varying answers in the service records.


Andrew Curtis