Accidental Deaths - Sept - December

Pilot Officer Joseph Harold DARLEY 88542 1941-09-01 RAFVR UK Woodstock Cemetery
(Age 50). Killed in a motorcycle accident; death registered Chipping Norton/Oxfordshire.

Flight Sergeant Kenneth Charles RENDEL 549839 142 Sqdn 1941-09-11 RAF UK Wallasey (Rake Lane) Cemetery
(Binbrook/Lincolnshire). Was killed when he walked into a rotating propeller.

Aircraftman 2nd Class Eric POTTS 1048894 15 OTU 1941-09-11 RAFVR UK Salford (Weaste) Cemetery
(Mount Farm/Oxfordshire). Was walking down the middle of the flarepath when Wellington R1769 touched down on landing.

Aircraftman 2nd Class Gordon Charles VINKLE R117101 6 RD 1941-09-13 RCAF Canada Kirkland Lake (Kirkland) Cemetery
(MB-785). (Trenton/Ontario). Died in a motor accident at Cobourg/Ontario - buried Kirkland Lake/Ontario.

Leading Aircraftman James Joseph IRELAND 10236 1941-09-13 RCAF Canada Toronto (Prospect) Cemetery
RCAF) (MB-351). Injured in an automobile accident and died in the General Hospital, Cobourg/Ontario - buried Toronto/Ontario.

Sergeant David Rowland HEATHCOTE R64241 8 (BR) sqn (RCAF) 1941-09-15 RCAF Canada Grimsby (St. Andrew's) Anglican Cemetery
(MB-313). Died as result of complications of injuries sustained in a car accident between North Sidney and Glace Bay/Nova Scotia - buried Grimsby/Ontario.

Sergeant Gordon Bert JACKSON R60639 1 BGS (RCAF) 1941-09-17 RCAF Canada Omega Gadsby Cemetery
(MB-356). (Jarvis/Ontario). Fatally injured in an automobile-truck collision on #6 Highway 1½ km W of Hagersville/Ontario - buried Gadsby/Alberta.

Leading Aircraftman Winfield Murray McHEFFEY R60770 7 SFTS (RCAF) 1941-10-01 RCAF Canada Edmonton (Beechmount) Cemetery
(MB-494). (MacLeod/Alberta). Died when he was accidentally struck by a passenger train in the C.P.R. Freight yards at Ft. MacLeod - buried Edmonton/Alberta.

Leading Aircraftman Duncan MacMILLAN 904533 RAF Luqa 1941-10-04 RAFVR Malta Malta (Capuccini) Naval Cemetery
Killed in a road accident; buried Capuccini Naval Cem.

Aircraftman 2nd Class Oliver Charles JOHNSON R112821 1941-10-13 RCAF Canada Toronto (Resthaven) Memorial Garden
(MB-364). Lost his life in a highway accident at Dorion/Quebec - buried Toronto/Ontario.

Leading Aircraftman Gordon Harry MANNING R84990 5 ITS (RCAF) 1941-10-15 RCAF Canada Sussex (Kirk Hill) Cemetery, King's County
(MB-462). Was on leave when he was killed in a motor accident at Moncton/New Brunswick - buried Sussex/New Brunswick.

Aircraftman 2nd Class David Brian LONG 1281983 RAF Kalafrana 1941-10-21 RAFVR Malta Malta (Capuccini) Naval Cemetery
Died by drowning; buried Capuccini Naval Cem.

Aircraftman 1st Class Jack WHITFORD 1289704 913 Balloon Sqdn 1941-10-22 RAFVR UK Horrabridge (St. John The Baptist) Churchyard
(5 BC - Castle Bromwich/Birmingham). Died of injuries sustained by an accident on the Balloon Site on 411018; death registered Birmingham.

Leading Aircraftman Robert William BURNS R83977 3 SFTS (RCAF) 1941-10-23 RCAF Canada Toronto (Prospect) Cemetery
(MB-89). (Calgary/Alberta). Killed when he was driving a tractor on the active runway at night with no lights on; Anson CA6438 was engaged in night flying practice and landed on top of the tractor - buried Toronto/Ontario.

Aircraftman 1st Class Dennis GILL 552887 1941-10-27 RAF UK Stanley (Outwood) Cemetery
Died on active service. Place of accident: The Highway, Sordale, 6 miles S of Thurso (fractured skull and probably involved in a road accident).

Leading Aircraftman Ernest Raymond REYNOLDS 947432 31 SFTS (RCAF) 1941-10-28 RAFVR Canada Kingston (Cataraqui) Cemetery
(MB-853). (Kingston/Ontario). Hit by propeller - buried Kingston/Ontario.

Aircraftman 2nd Class Ira Bertram MOREHOUSE R124551 1 BGS (RCAF) 1941-10-30 RCAF Canada Little River (United Baptist) Church Cemetery
(MB-535). (Jarvis/Ontario). Killed when his motorcycle turned over in a ditch 6½ km W of the airport at Jarvis - buried Little River/Nova Scotia.

Aircraftman 1st Class Ernest Walter MARSH 627700 1941-10-30 RAF UK Penrith Cemetery
(MB-851). (31 OTU RCAF). Killed in an accident at Debert, Nova Scotia, Canada. It's possible that his mortal remains/ashes were repatriated postwar to Penrith, Cumberland, where he lies buried.

Aircraftman 2nd Class Samuel Elton ROZELL R97255 4 WS 1941-10-31 RCAF Canada Kitchener (Woodland) Cemetery
(MB-661). (Guelph/Ontario). Died as a result of an automobile accident at Freelton near Hamilton/Ontario - buried Kitchener/Ontario.

Aircraftman 2nd Class Ernest James BALDRY 1433982 1941-11-07 RAFVR UK Eastbrookend (Dagenham) Cemetery
Believed died in a motorcycle accident; death registered Norwich/Norfolk.

Flight Lieutenant Gilmour John Charles REID C918 16 SFTS (RCAF) 1941-11-07 RCAF Canada Kingston (Cataraqui) Cemetery
(MB-634). (Hagersville/Ontario). Died in an automobile accident on #6 Highway at Mount Hope/Ontario - buried Kingston/Ontario.

Aircraftman 2nd Class Peter FERNER R114649 3 SFTS (RCAF) 1941-11-13 RCAF Canada Sedley Roman Catholic Cemetery
(MB-225). (Calgary/Alberta). Died when struck by an automobile while returning to camp - buried Sedley/Saskatchewan.

Sergeant Ross Thomas MURDIE 18019A 3 EFTS (RCAF) 1941-11-15 RCAF Canada London (Mount Pleasant) Cemetery
(MB-546). (London/Ontario). Was on leave when he died in a car accident in Lonmdon/Ontario - buried London/Ontario.

Aircraftman 2nd Class Murray Thomas FORSTER R116339 3 SFTS (RCAF) 1941-11-17 RCAF Canada Birtle Cemetery
(MB-237). (Calgary/Alberta). Was struck by an automobile when returning to camp 411113; died of injuries whilst in Colonel Belcher Hospital, Calgary/Alberta - buried Birtle/Manitoba.

Aircraftman 2nd Class James EWEN 1368083 44 MU 1941-11-17 RAFVR UK Edinburgh (North Merchiston) Cemetery
(Edzell/Kincardineshire). Died at Strathcathro Hospital of injuries sustained in a motor lorry accident about 2 months before his death; death registered Strathcathro/Angusshire..

Sergeant Frank ARMITAGE 988483 10 Sqdn 1941-11-23 RAFVR UK Deane (St. Mary) Churchyard
(Whitley - Leeming/Yorkshire). Death registered at Wensleydale. At that time 10 Sqn were in the process of converting to Halifax Mk.IIs. There were no accidents at that time and his death may have been a non flying accident.

Flight Lieutenant The Hon. Brinsley Sheridan Bush PLUNKET 75962 117 MU 1941-11-24 RAFVR Sudan Khartoum War Cemetery
rinsley - AQ2-426. (Port Sudan). Suffered multiple injuries falling from an upstairs window in the Mess 411123. Admitted to the civil hospital at 0500h but died at 1150h next day and was buried late same afternoon. Now buried at Khart

Sergeant Ronald Maclean CANN R65351 1 SS 1941-12-06 RCAF UK Cranwell (St. Andrew) Churchyard
RCAF) - (MB-104). (Cranwell/Lincolnshire). Struck by a train at Sleaford Station/Sussex.

Aircraftman 2nd Class Alexander Strachan REID 1139936 1941-12-07 RAFVR UK Rutherglen Cemetery
Died Royal Infirmary at Ayr after being struck by aircraft propeller.

Flight Sergeant Arthur Harry MORTON 2441 9 SFTS (RCAF) 1941-12-12 RCAF Canada Burnaby (Ocean View) Burial Park
(MB-541). (Summerside/Prince Edward Island). Was in charge of a snow removing party on the tarmac at Summerside and was killed when he was run over by a crawler tractor and bulldozer - buried Burnaby/B.C.

Aircraftman 2nd Class Jamie Ralph BOYD R130201 1941-12-13 RCAF Canada Orillia (Ss. Andrew And James) Cemetery
(MB-67). Killed in a gravel pit cave-in at Patricia Bay/B.C. - buried Orillia/Ontario.

Flight Lieutenant Edward DAWES 41262 1941-12-20 RAF UK Rochester (St. Margaret's) Cemetery
Fell from a window of Barcote House Dorchester 411212. Died of his injuries in the Halton Hospital 411220.

Leading Aircraftman John NATTRASS 646852 403 Sqdn 1941-12-22 RAF UK Prudhoe New Cemetery
(Martlesham Heath/Suffolk). Fatally injured in a motor cycle accident.

Aircraftman 1st Class Ronald FINNIE 638048 CAM Ship - Eastern City 1941-12-23 RAF UK Runnymede Memorial
Canada) - (MB-229). The Eastern City (a Catapult Armed Merchantman) sailed from Liverpool with convoy ON46 on 411213 and reached Halifax, NS, on 411221. If FINNIE died on the ship it was probably accident or natural causes as he would not have been involved in flying and, from the timing, his death would have been registered in Canada. As he is on the Runnymede Memorial, it seems likely that it happened at sea and he was buried at sea and there is no registration, but it ought have been recorded in the ship's log.

Aircraftman 2nd Class Daniel Randall (Jr) YOUNG R123735 7 BGS (RCAF) 1941-12-24 RCAF USA Kansas City (Green Lawn) Cemetery
USA). (MB-837). (Dauphin/Manitoba) Death by carbon monoxide poisoning while home on leave - buried Hickman Mills/Missouri.