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Thread: 51 R.I. F.A.F. Course?

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    Default 51 R.I. F.A.F. Course?

    I am completely baffled by this entry in 2nd World War RAF Service Record. It looks like Cert(??) 51.R.I. F.A.F. Course(?) under Special Qualifications. It was obviously between 10/8 and 26/8/1944 with a "B" written after the dates. The airman was an LAC, Middle East. May have been in 2929 Squadron RAF Regiment at that stage. The only thing I can think of is Forward Air Field Course.

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    Forward Air Controllers were known as FACs. Don't know when that came in, but it was certainly being used (if not by the same title) in N Africa and Italy. Not normally a Regt skill!
    Higher up the chain you would have a Brigade Air Support Officer (BASO) or - at Div level - a DASO.
    RI might have 'Resistance to Interrogation' course(s). But, again, your average Regt LAC would not, normally, be carrying the sort of info that might have had to be guarded against disclosure?
    But if there had been 51 of them, then logic would seem to dictate that it was some sort of special weaponry course!
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