In the "Duty" column of his Flying Log Book (FLB), F/L EA Magee describes a number of operations as X Raid. Sometimes these X RAIDS happened in combination with other duties, for example "Night X Raid" (15 May 1943), "X-RAID & AIR SEA RESCUE" (13 June 1943). The last "X Raid" listed in F/L Magee's FLB happened on 21 Oct 1943. Does anyone know what an "X Raid" was?

Starting 14 Dec 1943 F/L Magee listed seven operations involving a "SECRET TARGET." The FLB line entry for the first of these ops (14 Dec 1943) is "BOMBING IN FRANCE ... SECRET TARGET - FAIR RESULTS." For 3 Jan 1944 the FLB entry reads "RHUBARB - LEADER … SHOT UP SECRET TARGET WITH EXCELLENT RESULTS" The final "SECRET TARGET" op is recorded on 7 Jan 1944 & is described as "BOMBING IN FRANCE … SECRET TARGET. SMASHING RESULTS". Does anyone know what the "Secret Target" was?

All of the "X Raids" & "Secret Target" ops happened while F/L Magee was with 56 Sqn.

What food, medicine & equipment would be contained in the emergency (bail out) pack of a 247 Sqn Typhoon in Feb 1945?

Thank you - very much - for your patience & assistance.

John Dean