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Thread: RAF air raid on Sofia, Bulgaria, on 29/30.3.1944

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    Thx Zoran, yes it fits.
    BZ929 was "A" according to the ORB appendicies.

    Czechoslovak Airmen in the RAF 1940-1945

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    Default Heinz Otto Ziegler aka Henry Osbert Zetland & 104 Sqn JA512 'E'

    Further to 104 Squadron raid on Sofia March 1944 incl Wellington X JA512 'E' (ZP post #8 above)
    This aircraft was shortly after lost, on another raid against Sofia, on the night of 4/5 May 1944, leading to an interesting detail for one of the regular crew...

    Present on several ops Mar, Apr, May (though not on the 28/29 Mar raid): the exiled Czech Air Gunner (Rear Gunner 104 Sqdn)
    Heinz Otto Ziegler aka "Henry Osbert Zetland"
    Zetland was the nom-de-guerre of Heinz Otto Ziegler.

    CWGC as "Zetland":
    F/O Henry Osbert Zetland 87294 Air Gunner KIA 5 May 1944 (Collective Grave, Budapest)
    and grave reg crew list + AG trade note

    104 Squadron as Ziegler:
    Record of Events Form 540 4 May
    records the full crew of F/O Avery & co, including one F/O HO Ziegler as Rear Gunner
    Aircraft Wellington 'E' JA512 Missing.
    See also JA512 + crew ops in, eg, Mar, Apr 44 if not earlier...

    Also see:
    Marnham Wild Mary - a Life of Mary Wesley p94 (nom de guerre), p100, p247 plus numerous bio passages, indexed.
    And brief bio, sourced:

    See also
    "Zetland" in Casualty db here with full coll Grave crew list
    JA512 in Aircraft Losses db here, full crew list incl the sole PoW survivor

    Some online notes claim, incorrectly and without source, that Ziegler was a Pilot. He was a Flying Officer Air Gunner, as the Sqn record and CWGC Reg slip confirm.

    Heinz Otto Ziegler 1903-1944
    His war service and family remembered still.
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