Hello All,
This is well outside my comfort zone!
Does anyone know if the pax manifests for ships in the WW2 Atlantic convoys have been saved. And if they have, where are they, and can they be accessed?
Specifically, I am after the pax manifest for SS Hektoria in Convoy OB349 (Liverpool 21 Jul 1941 > Halifax, NS, 3 Aug 1941). This was the Commodore’s ship.
I have reason to believe that one of the pax was a very young civilian Met Asst (Downie Gillies Armour*) on his way to Canada. I doubt if he would have been on his own? He was probably born in Scotland around 1919-1922 – does anybody have his birth/death dates?
* I can't find him in AIR 78, and there is no evidence at his later Commissioning that he was ever Enlisted!
Any 'steers' gratefully received!
Peter Davies