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Thread: Halifax V LL308/C 8-9 August 1944

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    Default Halifax V LL308/C 8-9 August 1944

    Pilot Officer Graham Warren Paterson
    NZ 424509
    Died 9th August 1944
    Age 22
    Pilot Officer RNZAF
    Buried Lusigny-sur-Barse Communal Cemetary. Coll. Grave 22
    Died on his 22nd Op. 624 hours.
    Halifax V LL308/C took off at 2200 and was bought down 16km SE of Troyes, crashing near Lusigny- sur- Barse, where the 6 who died are buried in a collective grave. Only RNZAF rear gunner Flt Sgt F E O Evan's baled out at 0300 hours 9th Aug about 2kms South of Geraudot. He buried his parachute, harness and mae west and began walking SW. Assisted by the Frence Resistance he evaded capture.
    Evan's was interviewed by Max Lambert for his book 'Night after Night' ( see pg 326).
    He confirmed the target was in Belgium( dropping supplies to the Belgium resistance.) On the return journey Evan's spotted a fighter but was unable to bring his gun to bear (there was no mid- upper turret on this aircraft). He lost sight of it, the fighter apparently having slid underneath before delivering a burst which quickly led to the Halifax's destruction. Evan's attended the funeral of his crew mates a few days later but was not recognized by the German who briefly entered the church or by those outside when the mourners exited with the coffin ( containing all of the few remains)
    None of the documented German night fighter claims for that night can be tied to the loss of 138 Sqn LL.
    Most of this information was found on a thread that showed up on google. Would anyone have anymore info regarding my Great Uncle

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    This is his bio entry from volume three of my trilogy For Your Tomorrow - A record of New Zealanders who have died while serving with the RNZAF and Allied Air Services since 1915 :
    PATERSON, Pilot Officer Graham Warren.
    NZ424509; b In'gill 6 May 22; S'land TColl, In'gill (Capt 1st XV); lathe worker - Storrie Willet Ltd, In'gill. RNZAF Rotorua/ITW as Airman Pilot u/t 2 May 42, 1EFTS 25 Jul 42, emb for Canada 31 Oct 42, att RCAF 17 Nov 42, 3 M Depôt 22 Nov 42, 3SFTS 6 Dec 42, Pilots Badge & Sgt 2 Apr 43, 1 Y Depôt 12 Apr 43, att RAF & emb for UK 16 May 43, 12PD&RC 25 May 43 [att 29EFTS 2 Jul-?], 11(P)AFU 17 Aug 43 [att 1520BATF 14-20 Sep], 11OTU (Wellington) 16 Nov 43, 31 Base for 1651HCU (Stirling) 15 Mar 44, Tempsford 9 May 44, 138 Sqn (Halifax - 22 ops) 11 May 44, Comm 28 Jul 44, kao 9 Aug 44. Lusigny-sur-Barse Communal Cemetery - coll. grave 22, Aube, France. Son of Thomas Edward & Jane Paterson (née Henderson), Otapiri RMD, Winton.

    For more information you could request a free copy of his RNZAF service record from Personnel Records, New Zealand Defence Force - see here for details:


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