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Thread: Sgt. John Claude Partington

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    Default Sgt. John Claude Partington

    Dear friends,

    I am heaving some difficulties finding information about the next story.
    Hope you want to read it, and think with me about a solution ....

    The story:
    On the 9th of june 1941, a Vickers Weelington IC is shot down in the Westerns Scheldt, in the south west of Holland.
    From the six crewmembers, only one servives; Sgt. Eccles.
    Three of the other crewmembers are still missing in action:
    F/O Douglas Ferguson Lamb,
    Sgt. David Alfred Humphrey,
    and Sgt. Ronald Seward Bunce.
    The story goes that F/O Lamb has been fished up by a fishing vessel, but was thrown overboard sometimes later ....
    From the other two was never heard anything.
    The fifth crewmember, Sgt. Dennis John Mansfield, is buried at the cemetery of Adegem, Belgium.
    The sixth crewmeber, Sgt. John Claude Partington, was found on the beach of Zoutelande (in the Dutch provence of Zeeland).
    Together with him, on that same beach, they found someone else.
    The discription i found in a Red Cross handwritten book says about him:
    a short thick male, heavy build, with lifejacket on.
    And the person who wrote this, also wrote that he thinks this person could be from the same plane as Sgt. Partington was on.

    And now the big question: if this person was on board of the same plane as Sgt. Partington, than who from the three missing persons could he be ?
    In orde to answer that question, i would say try to find pictures of the crew.
    Well, i did, but even the RAF does not have any pictures of this crew, or pictures from them as individuals.
    So, how can i find any information, or even pictures from the crew, or from the three MIA's?
    The grave of Sgt. Partington is adopted by someone, but he also has difficulties with finding pictures, or information about this crew, and about the sergeant.
    If someone here has more information, or EVEN a picture, please let me know.
    All the information, and pictures are very welcome.

    With best regards,

    Leon Hilleman

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    Photo of Observer, Dennis John Mansfield, here:

    For more on 2nd pilot, John Claude Partington (and his brother, Rene), see here:

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