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Thread: Polish Service Numbers (and Ages!) Part 2

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    Default Polish Service Numbers (and Ages!) Part 2

    Hello All,

    I don’t want to hijack Phil’s Polish Numbers thread, so I have started another one just to clear up some discussion which arose in that thread.
    I looked in my Uniformed Meteorologists database amongst the WAAF Polish Meteo personnel.

    I had highlighted two in particular.

    The first is:-
    Chromkiewicz-Gosiewska Łucja. RAF s/n 2793154. b. 1 Oct 1925, Białystok, Białystok, Poland. Last known residence Gdansk, Poland. RAF rank LACW. Polish rank st. szeregowy
    Last known posting RAF Chedburgh.
    She would have just turned 14 in 1940 – if that DoB is correct!! I cannot find her in FREEBMD, LG, FMP, etc, so it is possible that she left UK either under the Polish Resettlement Corps arrangements, or returned to Poland?

    The second is:-
    Łyczak Danuta. RAF s/n 2793209. b. 15 Nov 1925, Istebna, Cieszyn, Poland. RAF rank Sgt. Polish rank st. szeregowy (same Polish rank, but two different RAF ranks?). Last known posting RAF Sealand.
    In Q3 1949 she marries Burandt Józef Walenty (Reg Melton Mowbray 3a 2452) who had been 708337 LAC MT Mech b. 8 Sep 1925(!) Kościerzyna, Poland. He dies 26 Sep 2001 (Reg Melton Mowbray).
    A Burandt, Andrzcj M is born Q1 1951 (MMS Lyczak, Reg Melton Mowbray 3a 1102).
    A Burandt, Danuta, d. Q1 1951 (Reg Melton Mowbray 3a 1176 (not known if these two events were simultaneous, or just in the same Quarter?). The FMP Death Notification gives her Birth Year as “1926”!!

    So either, these people (there are others) were little more than children, or (possibly) they had been furnished with forged Birth Certs showing that they were well under 18 years of age – and, thus, probably not conscriptable in any of the countries they travelled through on their way(s) to UK?

    Before I get Danuta Laczak’s Service Record, I would appreciate some comments (particularly from our Polish colleagues! And I apologise for any missing diacriticals in any Polish transcriptions!!). When I first extracted all the “Meteos” from Krzystek’s List I was very surprised at some of the birth dates. I was aware that there were supposed to be some errors in that List, and I assumed (how dangerous is that in this game???) that these dates were some of those. But there might be some good, logical, reasons?

    I have rather more than just a “passing interest” in this. My first S Met O, on initial appointment to the Met Office, was of Polish extraction. In the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, I worked with quite a large number of Polish Forecasters and Assistants. There were also a large number of ex-Polish Master Aircrew on some of the Sqns I worked with/for.

    I would like to “put this one to rest”!!!

    Peter Davies
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    The Polish Heritage Society entry for Łucja Chromkiewicz-Gosiewska has the same D.o.B., and '1994, Gdansk' which is presumably her last known address?

    Do you know when these ladies joined up? Obviously someone born 1925 would be 17 in 1942, so not beyond the realms of possibility.



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    Possibly they were released from the SU with the Anders Army.

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