I found reference on facebook to a book recently published in Malta called

Broken Wings A Century of Malta's Aviation Accidents, Incidents and other Stories 1915-2015 by Colonel Mark Said (AFM Retd)

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But I had drawn a blank online as to where it could be obtained – I knew it exists as I have a photo of the front cover from someone who saw a copy at Malta Airport

I do not even know the ISBN Number I contacted the Malta Aviation Museum and they replied

Thank you for your enquiry regarding Colonel Mark Said’s book Broken Wings A Century of Malta’s Aviation Accidents, Incidents and other Stories. We have the book in stock. It is selling at €100 plus postage. Ordinary postage would be €33.04, Expedited mail €55.91 and Express international €62.42.
Agenda Bookshops are also selling the book. You can try them just in case postage is cheaper."

€100 is standard price


Broken Wings
1 2 3 4 5
Published February 25, 2019
Author Colonel Mark Said
Delivery Time 2 - 3 Working Days
Publisher 0

A bit steep as far as price goes but probably to do with the number of copies actually published!

But if anyone fancies getting a copy (I have not ordered one myself as yet) here is the info you need