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Thread: 1946 Unaccounted Airmen Database Reconciliation

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    Default 1946 Unaccounted Airmen Database Reconciliation

    Adding this post here - this is a post Henk's data - that cannot be found in any of the threads.

    1946-01-04 Lac SEVICKE-JONES, Cecil. NZ4217075 Clerk Christchurch/NZ Died of natural causes at Christchurch Public Hospital, having been admitted earlier to Auckland Public Hospital; buried at Fairlie (AQ2-368).

    1946-01-07 F/O SOUNDY, Burrell A. NZ425025 Ba 299 Sqdn Died of pulmonary tuberculosis in RAF Hospital Rauceby near Sleaford after admission on 450420.

    1946-01-23 PHEIFFER, P. 544011V Air Mech .B(SAAF) (GX-426) Killed in a flying accident in N.Rhodesia; buried Noola/Kansenshi Cem., Zambia.

    1946-01-31 Lac MULLINGER, Elgar W. NZ4311100 Aircrafthand 42 Sqdn (RNZAF) Died shortly after 2000h when the motor cyle he and Ac1 O 'Keefe were riding through Kilbirnie along Crawford Road towards Constable Street collided with a tram going in the opposite directionBuried at Palmerston North (AQ2-368).

    1946-02-16 F/L HOUSE, William N. NZ1494 Education Offr Auckland/NZ Died of natural causes at Auckland Public Hospital and cremated in that city, with ashes being interred at Christchurch (AQ2-368).

    1946-03-30 F/L LAMB, Maurice F. NZ2490 Admin.Offr. Auckland/NZ Died suddenly of natural causes at Mt.Eden/Auckland; buried at Auckland (AQ2-369).

    1946-04-06 F/L FIFIELD, Maurice F. NZ427494 Pilot Accidentally shot himself in the forehead while climbing over a gate when rabbit shooting in the evening at Te Moana, near Geraldine; buried at Geraldine (AQ2-369).

    1946-06-06 Ac2 VALE, William C. 2269490 Nursing Orderly 28 MU ('Billy') (Age 25), killed in road accident while on a Mountain Rescue exercise, he was a passenger in a Jeep with the OC MRT, station Medical Officer and 2 other occupants were injured, death registered at Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire.

    1946-06-12 F/L BEECHEY, Bruce. NZ405363 Nav Holmsley South (AQ2-369) (Holmsley South/Hampshire) Died at Boscombe EMS Hospital after collapsing unconscious earlier in the day while playing cricket at Bournemouth.

    1946-08-01 F/S DEREUX, André H. 797774 Pilot 350 Sqdn .S (B.152/Germany) Involved in a road accident 460727 and seriously injuredDied in 94 British MilHospat Hamburg 460801 at 05.30 hrsHis name is mistakely commemorated on the Runnymede MemorialBuried at Tournai (Doornik), Belgi

    1946-08-10 Lac IHAIA, Mita. NZ428653 Aircrafthand Died at Whakatane Public Hospital at 2000h, having previously been admitted ill to the Palmerston North Hospital 460619; buried at Poroporo (AQ2-369).

    1946-08-24 F/L ESQUILANT, William R. NZ412471 Nav RNZAF HQs London - AFC - CVSA (AQ2-370)Whilst on leave climbing the Weisshorn in Switzerland with members of the Oxford University Mountaineering Club, accidentally fell into a crevasse at 0630 Buried Vevey near Lausanne.

    1946-09-20 Ac2 HUGHAN, James G. NZC461351 Aircrafthand Mangaroa/NZ (2 Stores Depot) Died instantly at 1020h when the crane he was operating in Wellington's railway yards touched overhead electric power lines; buried at Wellington (AQ2-370).

    1946-12-12 Ac2 AUSTIN, Raymond A. NZ461417 Aircrafthand Shelly Bay/NZ .M.M (RNZAF HQs Unit) Died whilst undergoing surgery at Wellington Public Hospital; buried at Wellington (AQ2-371).
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